Book Preview – Arambam Bebina Devi (ed), Research Line


Arambam Bebina Devi (ed), Research Line, Delhi: Akansha Publishing House, 2017, Pp. x + 230, Price: Rs. 850 (Hard Bound), ISBN: 9788183705080

Manipur University Research Club was conceived on 13th November 1991 out of a collective wisdom and effort of scholars who believed in the critical discourse of human mind through academic research. This Club has experienced a chequered journey of one and half decades. In its heydays, talk programmes, lecture series, conferences and seminars were organized and had published in the form of working papers, booklets, etc. under the title – Talk Line, Worm Series and Interdis. After a long gap it was rechristened as Research Update and made it into a volume and published from a multidisciplinary approach by the Club. This present volume, Research Line, is the footstep of the same. Whatever it may be the title of the volume, the content is that matters most for a research publication. In this regard, the effort of this publication is to give a space for the young scholars to excel in their thinking process, which will definitely be helpful for further engagement in the theoretical and empirical research works. Essentially, this book is a collection of research paper from the wide range of discipline available in the University. All the contributors are associated with MU either as faculties or scholars. In fact, this book is an exemplary of the trends of contemporary research in Manipur University.

The book chapters in the volume are: Migrants and Culture Mainstreaming in Manipur by Sougaijam Priyokumar Meitei & MC Arunkumar; A Statistical Analysis for the QSO Luminosity Function at z = 1.1 to 2.9 by Salam Ajit Kumar Singh & K. Yugindro Singh; Implementation of Saakshar Bharat Mission 2012 with Special Reference to Tamenglong District, Manipur by Gaichangpou Ruangmei & Dr. S. Kiran Singh; Qualitative Factors Affecting Child Rearing Practises in Tamenglong District, Manipur: An Analysis by Gloria Kamei; Structural and Electrical Properties of SOL-GEL 50 Process Barium Titanate and Cobalt Ferrite Composites by H. Hemanta Singh, H. Basantakumar Sharma & G. Gaitoungam; Implementation of Rajiv Gandhi Scheme for Empowerment of Adolescent Girls (RGSEAG) Sabla in Manipur by Th. Julia Kom; Waiting for Bau Singh’s Left by Aheibam Koireng; Impact of Literacy as Perceived by the Neo-Literates: A Case Study of Bishnupur District by Dr. Chanam Sonia Devi & Peichui Vashum; Measurement of Poverty: Its Nature and Dimensions by Salam Sovachandra Singh; Plant Parasitic and Soil Nematodes of Canchipur by S. Sushilkumar Singh & S. Mexico Singh; Myxozoan Parasites of Fishes of Thoubal District, Manipur by T. Soni & K. Lebanan; India’s Act East Policy and its Implication on Manipur by Dr. K. Muktasana Singh; National Anti Doping Agency for Dope Free Sports by Dr. Maibam Chourjit Singh; Awareness of Gender Equality among Manipuris by L. Negrina Devi, Konica Khuraijam and RK Suresh; Parents’ Factors Affecting Parenting Stress of Mentally Challenged Children by Narmada Hidangmayum; Educational Status of Kabui Tribes at Keikhu Village in Imphal East District, Manipur by Arambam Bebina Devi and Ch. Sonia Devi; Libraries in Nursing and Paramedical Institutions of Manipur by Y. Ashakanan and Ch. Ibohal.



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