Celebrities walked down the Red Carpet in an evening of a movie premiere by WOL Media.


A glamorous evening with a majestically set up Red Carpet event at MFDC mark the beginning of a trend setting entertainment boosting social get up on 31st August evening.  The stars walked the Red Carpet attired in dazzling wear and smiles on their face.  WOL Media has done a wonderful work hosting the history in the making show down at a quiet and entertainment loving town. 

The organisers and volunteers are still young, yet very smart. There was lot of energy. Finger crossed moments were there. Backstage cordless communications were on the check. Circled around there was lots of communication and planning. White shirts and single colour trouser for the volunteers gave a uniform look.

The clock strike 5 pm and footprints on the Red Carpet at the MFDC campus started to count. Kaiku was on his designer wear blazer with a dark glass walking gently and stopping by for a click at the photographers’ bay. Gokul in his black suit wave a victory finger as he was captured in the digital show down from the official photographers of WOL Media, Manipur Photography Society, Journalists and individuals.

Sushmita walk by in an innocent black skirt and a tug up hair style with all smiles. Soma was in a designer wear and a charm appearance.  Tonthoi was wearing a curly hair and traditional attire with red cheek touch. Bala was dazzling on a plain colour saree wearing a matured calm look.

Film Director Gautam step on in a white dhoti and gave a broad smile. Senior film artists had a grand time smiling through the evening. Well comedian Joseph lightens up with a flicker pose and passing hilarious comments.

The silver screen personalities were packed in an air-conditioned theatre all set to watch a premiere show. Beragee Bomb directed by O Gautam staring Thonthoi, Bony and upcoming artists was screen. Break time snacks at the lobby and a post screening dinner gave a light moment where the celebrities had a good time talking to one another. The evening was also set for the public who dine with the celebrities.



The upstairs gallery of Manipur Film Development Corporation was packed with film stars, artists, film makers, cameraman, singers, make- up artists, designers, script writers, producers, etc.

Words after words, a friendly wave, a passing smile, the evening was a silent heart felt one. Everyone was in their best wear. Clothes give sense, the reflecting eye from a warm glare boost up ones confidence. Every second was a smooth and walk in the cloud sense,

The food was good and the service from the hospitable staffs of The Classic Hotel added the flavour of the evening.  At the Ground floor soft drinks were served along with sandwich and other light snacks. The ambience of MFDC at the complex as one hang around for fresh air was just as amazing.

The turn up was good. It is quite affordable for a movie premiere and snacks at a Red Carpet event for an individual to spend Rs 500 or Rs1000 with dinner passed one comment from a happy guest. I got to see our silver screen personalities in their best mood at a time and this is very happening. It gives me a good and pleasant time. It is a big opportunity to watch a good movie with them in the same theatre she continued.


Well WOL Media is planning for twice a year Red Carpet event. In fact the team has done lots of interview seeking thoughts from the celebs and personalities. Besides the event was a grand success.





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