Cultural program at Raj Bhavan

Imphal, April 30, 2017 (DIPR): A cultural programme comprising of a set of varied cultural dance items was showcased by the artistes of Jawaharlal Nehru Manipur Dance Academy at Raj Bhavan Darbar Hall today.

Lai Haraoba,Thougal Jagoi,Kabui Jagoi, Pung Cholom and Basanta Raj were performed excellently in sequence by the young and talented artistes of the Academy in the presence of Governor Dr. Najma Heptulla, her guests and other higher officials.

In our traditional Lai Haraoba dance, the maibis or the priestesses play the main role by performing the task of main actor to the customer while the Thougal Jagoi is dedicated to gods and goddesses for making prosperity for the community.

The Kabui Jagoi took the minds of the audience to the exotic surroundings apart from being noted for vigorous footworks, sharp and clean wistful movements of the body.

A highly refined classical dance, the Pung Cholom that is characterised by the moderation of sound from soft whisper to a thunder climax, enjoys a high privilege amongst the dances of Manipur. There are several kinds of drums, each enchanted for a particular occasion. The pung or Manipuri mridanga is the soul of Manipuri Sankritan and music and classical Manipuri dance.

Basanta Raj was performed as the final item of the evening. With the advent of Vaishnavism theory in the 18th century, new ways of devotional cult were created in the State. Basanta Raj depicts the yearning of the gopis for communion with Lord Krishna. The sublime symbolism of Raj Lila is the quintessence of Hindu philosophy, the agonies of the human soul to attain union with the supreme soul. The Basanta Raj of the spring season is played on the full moon night of chaitya in the month of March or April.


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