The Global Shapers Community : Imphal Hub is organising a three-day youth festival under the theme “Youths – Value Creators of Tomorrow” from 3rd to 5th February, 2018 at Trade and Commerce Centre, Lamboikhongnangkhong, India.

Imphal Jamboree is a festival where youth would come together and converge to “Improve the state of youth” by fostering Self employment, Sustaining and reinforcing the spirit of volunteerism and community service, Develop youth leadership in various socio-economic and cultural sphere, Promote a major participatory role for the youth in the protection and preservation of nature.

The festival primarily aim to bring the youth together for 3 days schedule of events thus giving them space to unwind, learn and unlearn, create awareness and empower along the way. Program such as influential talks, panel discussions, cultural and musical performances to name some and enterprises initiated by youth would take the primary focus of the festival.

Imphal Jamboree is also an initiative to provide a platform/ market for those youth engaged in startups or enterprises, artists, mavericks, designers, chefs to a larger audience and along the way help them grow their presence in the city and also create an atmosphere of good times fill with music, fun, laughter with new and shared experiences of the city’s populace. If you have one such enterprise/venture and is willing to apply for a stall at the event, follow the registration link below. REGISTRATION LINK:

Last date for stall registration: 20 Jan, 2018


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