ICAR organized one day training programme on scientific rice cultivation


24th June 2017: The ICAR, Manipur Centre in collaboration with KVK, Churachandpur organized one day training programme on scientific cultivation of rice under soil test crop recommendations cum input distribution at Matiyang Village, Churachandpur. The programme was sponsored by All India Coordinated Research Project on Soil Test Crop Response under the Indian Institute of Soil Science, Bhopal. In that programme, Dr. T. Basanta Singh, Scientist (Soil Science) and the Principal Investigator of the project narrated about the importance of soil test based fertilizer recommendations for need based nutrient management. He further told that we should use fertilizers in such a way to get the maximum benefit from it without polluting the soil health. He further explained about the steps for soil sample collection from the field to the farmers. Dr. W. Rajen Singh, ACTO, Animal Science, KVK, explained about the need of proper nutrient management for producing quality food grains which we consume. Dr. L. Somendro Singh, ACTO, Soil Science explained about the proper fertilizer application time and method in rice cultivation. Dr. R.K. Roshan, SMS, Horticulture, detailed about the possibility of integrating the vegetable crops with rice cultivation. Dr. L. Basil, Farm Manager, explained about the scientific field management through insect and pest management. In that programme, rice seeds and fertilizers were distributed to about 30 beneficiary farmers.


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