Incarnation of Manipuri Fabrics (Manipuri Iyongee Sayon)


On June15 2013, Robert Naorem and his team presented a fashion show called titled ‘Incarnation of Manipuri Fabrics’ (Manipuri Iyongee Sayon) at Meeshu Studio at Sharjah Road, Bengaluru Bengaluru

The main theme behind the show was to popularise the eco-friendly handloom items of Manipur such as the mayek naiba, Wangkhei Phi, khamen chatpa etc. The items were presented in new variations so that many outsiders could employ these designs and fabrics in a very general way.

A total of twelve models, including nine female models and three male models, took part in this show.Models from Manipur such as Kh Minakentan, Halley Laithangbam and Arunabati Phairenbam walked the ramp for the show.

The show titled Incarnation of Manipuri Fabric will be taken to Chennai. It is also being planned to show the collection at Mumbai sometime around August. Furthermore, the show is being planned to be held outside India, i.e. at Dubai.








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