August 11, 2017 (DIO Senapati): The third round of the ongoing tripartite talks between Government of India, Government of Manipur and United Naga Council (UNC) was held today at the DRDA Conference Hall, Senapati Distict Headquarters with Satyendra Garg, Joint Secretary (NE), Minister of Home Affairs, Govt. of India in the chair.

Unlike the earlier round of talks, today’s talk has been brought up to the political level with the participation of three cabinet ministers of Manipur, which includes Agriculture & Veterinary Minister V. Hangkhanlian, Tribal Affairs & Hills Minister N. Kayisii and Education & Labour and Employment Minister Th. Radheshyam. Apart from the three cabinet ministers, Additional Chief Secretary (Home) Dr .J. Suresh Babu and Commissioner (Works & IPR) K. Radhakumar Singh also participated the talk from the side of the Government of Manipur. The UNC team was represented by Gaidon Kamei, President, UNC, S. Milan, Gen. Secretary, UNC, Seth Shatsang President, All Naga Students’ Association, Manipur and Asha Wungnam, President Naga Women’s Union.

Today’s round of talk, which continued for about four hours, focussed on the grievances of the United Naga Council (UNC) in respect of the creation of the seven new districts by the previous Congress Government, particularly the creation of Kangpokpi District by bifurcating it from Senapati District.

During the talk, United Naga Council (UNC) appreciated the Government of Manipur for bringing the talks at the political level, however, they expressed their resentment on some recent developments. Meanwhile the Government of Manipur assured to initiate appropriate steps in right earnest as per the terms of agreement of the 19th March, 2017 talks. Both the State Government and the United Naga Council (UNC) agreed upon to mutually respect the agreements signed in the previous talks to avoid any provocative actions till the dialogue process is taken to its logical end. It was also agreed to have the next round of talks in the month of September, 2017. (DIPR)


  1. I wonder what is the need of triparte talks afterall its internal issue of Manipur and whats the need of central govt. Our state govt. Should take a firm dicision and its decision should be the final. No compromise on integrity of Manipur if needed legal action should proceed. Is blockade on National highway legal? Dont be timid and for god shake enough is enough one should govt. Bow…take a firm stand now for a better future..

  2. Why BJP government is so weak…….why tripartite is needed,Government must used their power to send off NSCN first from the state,even All Thangkhul Naga are just a public don’t let them to sit on Government head and pulled yours ears.Why Thangkhul NAGA does not asked their leader and it associates that where is development money,from States they had taken from Government development funds.Looked those Hilly regions MLA, Minister and other leaders or who try to be leaders, looked at their family how are they living and enjoying with your development funds,how their son ,daughter and wife’s How they are living like a king,queen,prince and princess.And Every Development funds in hilly regions why You are paying taxes to NSCN Till Now ………Every single elders public and youths knows……Everything is the game throne.


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