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A Maring woman struggling for survival selling Peruk


After daylong work of plucking Peruk (Centella Asiatica) from the Waithou pat, this Maring lady used to come back home located at a lofty hill of Phunal Maring village in Senapati district.  Bunches of Peruk so collected from the grassy field of Waithou pat are then brought upto Imphal market for sale to feed her children at home. She works any available jobs that a woman can do for survival of her family.

In fact, Peruk is, in fact, a good medicinal plant for treatment of Diarrhoea, Toothache, Anorexia, stomachache, Dysentry, Skin disease and a best memory enhancer.

“I am not ashamed of anything to work any available jobs. Who will feed my children at home when I do not work. Sometimes, I feel afraid to think who would look after them when the moment I am sick. For the last ten years, I have been struggling alone without my husband. It’s so hardship but I have to toil as luck would have it, she said to Manipur Times sharing her life struggle.  

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