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A music festival to tap worthy talents and save Nongin the State bird.


A music festival reckoning the spirit of Nongin (The State Bird of Manipur), to spread awareness of the endangered State bird ‘Nongin’ begins on 16th Nov and will continue till 17th. 

Alobo Naga and the Band, Winner of 2012 Best Indian Act at MTV Europe Music Awards is the Guest band of the Festival Florozone Lotion Nongin Music Fest 13’.

The Legends formed by re-uniting legendary musicians of yesteryears will also perform and practice is going on at Kay Pee Studio Kwakeithel. Elangbam Nutan , Chongtham Vivek, Laishram Momo, B.K., Rk.Aboi, Laishram Sando and Jengam Kamei are the band members.

Fringes, the only Blues band in Manipur who have been thriving for blues music in the State will also perform.

The other Featuring Bands include Idyllics, Chem Weed FM, Pulse Pundit, The Wishes, 3rd Chapter, Rubicons, The Dirty Strikes, Pendulum Swing, On the Verge.

“Florozone Nongin musical festival – we are here for a cause to preserve the State bird Nongin. We have Samungou – who is a resource person, his written work, knowledge and guide about the bird is good for the awareness. It will help to spread message about the bird. Moreover it is the promotion platform for the youths. We are targeting to organise the festival annually. We are working on many dreams. People from outside are also supporting the event” says Momocha representative of Manipur Music Society.

“Florozone has been supporting on entertainment events in Manipur – Fashion, music, film etc. This time we are on a legendary rock star initiative for the youth. It is the continuous work. We also like the emphasis on the State bird Nongin. We are happy to get associated with the event. Florozone promoter will come down to State. Florozone this time is sponsoring the Alobo Naga band from Nagaland” says Hero Thokchom of Hero Foundation who is taking the role of initiator of the music festival.

 “We are not here for profit motive. As season ticket we keep it at Rs 100 for two days. For single day it is going to be Rs 70. Donor card of Rs 500 is also there, if people want to donate more them can get more cards “says the event manager RK James from Oriental Pumpkin who is responsible for the production of the music festival.

Bands that are getting exposed over the last 2 / 3 years are part of the show. Central idea is like not only the artists but for the sound system, light vendor, music industry growth is related to brisk business. If there are no concert the sound vendor cannot keep big infrastructure. Hindustani music demands different sound system. SSS Sound Moirangkhom is sponsoring us a major chunk of the sound system cost continued RK James.

Keeping a rock festival annually is good for the promotion of western music says Rubicon another participating band of the festival. As an artist I wish lots of development in the rock field. I want bands from other State to perform in the State for cross learning. When we perform with other States we get lots of experience says 22 year old lady vocalists who is working on Alternate music. Rubicon will also be presenting their original numbers during the festival. The band had its first appearance in 2009 at Manipur Idol.

On the Verge a decade old Rock band opine that the festival will groom talents and since musicians do not have any option as career in the State professionals in the field is lacking. The Band members continued that it is only the passion that drives artists to perform. For a living they have to continue with other profession. Despite everything the band has continued to serve the people with their mesmerising performance within the State and outside the State over these few years.

The Festival is being initiated by Hero’s Foundation Manipur jointly ventured by Music Society Manipur and Oriental Pumpkin Events & Communication. The Venue is under arrangement at Yaiskul Range.

Ticket outlets at various places like – A2Z kwakeithel, Blue Chilly kwakeithel, Greens Coffee shop keisamthong top leirak machin, Burger King yaiskul , Firebowl nongmeibung, Elle’s cakes and bakes MBC campus Chingmeirong, Happy Belly Thangmeiband DM College road are open to the public for convenient.

In fact over the last one year or two there has been a lot of Western music event in the State. Excellence in the field is definitely bringing laurel to the State and youths had an outlet of their leisure time too.

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