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Cancer survivor L. Inaobi fund drive to participate Asian Master Athletic Championship 2014


Her name is Laikangbam Inaobi Devi (61 years old), mother of two sons and two daughters. She will be representing INDIA in the Asian Master Athletic Championship which is going to be held at Japan from 19- 23 September 2014. She is a victim of cancer and had her operation at Tata Memorial Hospital on her head and neck. Although she is a suffering from cancer she never gave up and has won many Gold medals for our state and for National Championship. Her sporting spirit and outstanding performance make her way at the 18th Asian Athletic Championship. But due to financial constraints, she losses all her hope. Till now there is no response from our state government and the Master Athletic Federation of India is not going to help her financially. On hearing this, Healthy Women Society, Images of Manipur and Lalambung Makhong Takhellambam Leikai Youth Development Organization (LTYDO) jointly come up to support her. They jointly formed L.Inaobi fund drive committee and open up a joint account at SYNDICATE Bank RIMS Road Imphal Branch. Her Account number is 79512210016156 and requested to all the people of Manipur to support her.

Our Mother needs our HELP. Please Help her. Your little contribution will make her dream come true and bring glory for our State Manipur.

This Press release was submitted by Dinesh Sharma

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