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Countrywide Cycling for environment reaches Manipur.


“I found all the trees being chopped down in Manipur as I bicycle through”, says Ram Prasad Naskar who is on a countrywide tour for environmental cause.

Ram Prasad was received at Sekmai by Pedal Attack a group of mountain bikers who have been providing hospitality service to the tourists with free lodging, food and guide to places of Manipur in bicycle.

Ram Prasad use to walk till the next workshop if his cycle got punctured. He use to carry clothes and energy drinks. He stops by at hotels, dharmasala, roadside, since he started his daring tour on 18th Dec 2013. He has cycled 159 days so far and covered 15,400 kilometres across India. He will be cycling through Mizoram and Agartala as he is nearing his completion.

He carries a message of more plantation of trees for a better ecological balance. Ram Prasad who is originally from Kolkata had a passion of cycling. Earlier he had cycle through whole West Bengal carrying message regarding the potential threat of river and air pollution.

His countrywide cycle tour is under the banner – National Cycle Rally Focusing upon Global Warming and its potential Threat.

His cycle has a placard in the front and at the side carries pictures and slogans on environment so that the passerby or fellow riders on the road might notice his message.

Indeed environment is a big issue in the present world and Ram Prasad’s venture and the well reception and support from Pedal Attack is worth noticing as we all become more aware about the environment and give our time towards plantation of trees also to stop cutting down of forest.



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