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Direct transfer scheme will reach Manipur soon


Khangshim,30th October,2013

The second day technical session of the Bharat Nirman campaign held at Khangshim village in Chandel District was wound up with the delivery of speech by Salam Enaomacha senior journalist in the afternoon.

He spoke on the direct transfer scheme launched by the UPA II Government at the centre. The new scheme will reach Manipur within two or three months. The scheme had been successfully implemented in other states of the country. When this scheme is fully implemented all over the country red-tapism will be eliminated.

He said the benefits given by the centre reaches the state capital first then the district and block level, in between there is enough space for misuse of the fund meant for the common people. The scheme has been framed by the Government to give benefit to the common people. But one has open bank account in a nationalised bank and get Aadhar card number to get the benefits given under the direct benefit scheme.

He said an MGNREGA worker signs on a piece of paper saying he had done. But he does not know whether he will get the amount in its true form. There is room for thievery the poor workers may not get the pay for the work done.

He also said, a gas consumer gets subsidised refilled gas cylinder. In future the subsidy will go directly to the consumers account and if you do not have bank account and Aadhar card number it will become a difficult task getting refilled gas cylinders.  The students, who get stipend and scholarships, will also have to open bank accounts to get the money transferred to their bank accounts.

All these schemes are for the betterment of the common masses so one should go to the bank without delay to open bank account, he said.

The second day programme was highlighted by the organisation of healthy baby competition at the main venue. 12 babies participated in the competition organised by Directorate of Field Publicity.

The first prize of the competition went to Muiram daughter of Hormila of lamlong Christian compound Chandel, while second prize was bagged by M. Owtimmi daughter of M Pinky of Kanemram village.  K Darmarya daughter of Khaling Priya of Biyang  village grabbed the third position.

A one day free medical was also held today at the main venue as a part of the Bharat Nirman Campaign.  Around 216 persons were given treatment during the camp. The Camp was jointly organised by PIB Imphal in collaboration with District Health Society Chandel.




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