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Fate of MPP? Veteran Politician O. Joy quit MPP


Imphal, Feb.24 2014: The sudden resignation of Veteran Politician of the state ex-MLA O. Joy, the icon of the Manipur People’s Party, MPP, has added another serious blow to the state’s oldest regional political party, weakened and powerless after massive defeat in the state Assembly elections in recent years.

It may mentioned that MPP which is about 42 years old is the oldest regional political party of Manipur and the veteran politician O. joy has been working for the party since 1973. The party which even formed the Government in early days has suffered a serious blow after massive defeat in the state Assembly election.

In the Assembly election held in 2007, The party luckily got four MLAs namely, O. Joy from Lanthabal AC, Thokchom Shyamkumar from Andro AC, Dr. Ng. Bijoy from Khurai AC and RK Anand from Naoriya Pakhanglakpa AC. Except MLA O. Joy, other three MLAs betrayed and left the Party and joined Congress and Trinamul congress. The party got absolute defeat in the Assembly election held in 2011 and could not send even  a single MLA to the house of Manipur Legislative Assembly.

O. Joy Singh, in his short resignation letter addressed to the MPP President Sobhakiran on Sunday, said, “As I have been compelled to leave the Party, I have tendered my resignation from the membership of Central Committee and primary level of the party with effect from today ”.

Apart from the resignation of O. Joy, his eldest son Okram Debendra who took great role for the Party holding the post of General Secretary and Sagolshem Ronald Meetei, President of MPP Youth Front also resigned from the party’s primary  and active membership.

The reason behind why the veteran politician O. Joy  quit MPP is yet to confirm. In fact, O. Joy is the symbol and icon of MPP that when someone mentions about MPP, the name of O. Joy springs out all of a sudden in one’s mind.

O. Joy  had been the MLA of Langthabal A/C seven times, Minister of Manipur Government four times and Deputy Speaker of Manipur Legislative Assembly once. Being the opposition leader in the house, he braked the wrong movement of the ruling Government on several important state issues. Apart from this, he had been successful in expelling six Ministers of the State in the Parliamentary Debates besides delivering punishment to many erring Government officials.

O. Joy, before he entered into politics, worked as an Upper Division Clerk (UDC) in State Public Works Department before.


His father, mother, wife, sons and other family members were active members of MPP. But today, all of them have left the party.


Photo Source: Impact TV

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