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Imphal, August 3, 2017 (DIPR): The State Legislative Assembly passed demands for grants with respect to four different Departments amounting to Rs. 975,16,40,00 today.

The four demands were Stationery and Printing (Rs. 5,77,26,000), Relief and Disaster Management (Rs. 50,75,48,000), Economics and Statistics (Rs. 17,32,45,000) and Information Technology (Rs. 23,66,45,000).

Congress MLAs Shri K. Ranjit, Shri Md. Abdul Nasir, Shri Md. Fajur Rahim and Shri Kh. Joykishan raised Motion for Disapproval of Policy Cut against the demand of Relief and Disaster Management and Shri Kh. Joykishan made observation on the demand of Information Technology.

Clarifying the cut motions, Chief Minister Shri N. Biren Singh, who also holds Relief and Disaster Management portfolio, stated that the State Government would develop a building bye-law for the whole State in addition to the existing bye-laws of the MAHUD Department as soon as possible.

He said that the Central Government assistance with respect to the recent flood would be distributed to the affected people in consultation with the local MLAs and DCs concerned as soon as the fund is transferred to the State Government’s account.

Admitting that compensation amounts were normally delayed due to official procedures, the Chief Minister said that the present Government would put in effort to release compensation amount and rehabilitation materials without wasting any time.

In the aftermath of recent floods, the Chief Minister said, the Department had opened a 24X7 helpline to attend to complaints of the general public and co-ordinate with various Departments regarding relief and rescue works.

He said that four MCS officers had been entrusted to supervise the co-ordination works, the Chief Minister said while adding that the Department now has 37 specially trained personnel, who are expert in flood fighting and rescue operations.

The Chief Minister said that they are also imparting training to police, CSO and NGO volunteers and Scouts etc., and mock drills are conducted regularly.

Stating that Department staff were actively involved in helping the people during the recent flood, the Chief Minister said that 97 relief camps were immediately opened at different localities of flood affected areas.

Relief materials were also distributed to the affected people through DCs and SDOs as they were ones who assessed the loss of properties and lives during floods or any other natural calamities.

Expressing serious concern over not heeding to MLAs’ call by DCs and officials, the Chief Minister cautioned the bureaucrats and officials to give utmost respect to the elected leaders.

Shri N. Biren observed that the officials must never forget that the State and the country as a whole is being run under the laws enacted the elected leaders.

He said that the State Government responded immediately when Japanese Encephalitis and Dengue spread in Henglep sub-division, and the situation is now under control.

The Chief Minister said that some people whose houses were totally damaged by the recent flood were compensated immediately in Lilong AC.

Stating that Central Government assistance with respect to the flood occurred in 2015 is yet to be released.

He said that the Government would also try to increase the rate of compensation fixed for the fish farms affected by flood.(DIPR)

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