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Iron Lady produced before the court today.


Amnesty International member Raghu Menon came to meet me. I was recognized as a prisoner of conscience by Amnesty. Binayak Sen also joined the same recognition and raise the voice for not keeping me in the prison. There was a drive for the same cause and the support was for my success in the fight for removal of AFSPA. The movement was appreciative expressed Irom Chanu Sharmila in a short interview when she was produced before the court today. I felt good when outsider came and skip their meal as a part of my hunger strike. People can come and join my cause when I came out for court appearance. This is a democratic land and voice of the people is the voice of God says Sharmila.

The government is observing people’s support. United Nations’ and Supreme Court of India have also recommended for its removal in the form of pressure. The Act has not been effective, new militant organization has given birth she continued.

The act is imposed in the form of disparity why only in NE. It is the lack of political commitment among legislatives of Manipur. It seems the legislators are empowered to suppress me. Civil society voice is not taken seriously says the heartfelt activists Irom Chanu Sharmila.

On the other hand it appeared in the newspaper that some civil society organizations are campaigning for Nobel Peace Prize title. It makes me angry I do not feel good about the matter.  Let us not strive for right but go for responsibility appealed Sharmila.



Vision is a sacred to me. I cannot predict the future but ever since the existence of human civilization there has been much governance. I felt like shouting peace in the middle of the war, when I started my cause it was a heartfelt cry I brought up.

 If you think that without violence you can’t rule there is a whole lack of humanity in the system.

 I always believe in God. Even the insurgents group who fight for truth with an aim and if they thinks that revolution without gun is impossible I never support violence.

 Power abuse at various levels should be stopped. Humanity should be kept in mind and a hard blow is not good.

If you started a song there should be an end so I continue my struggle my cause is for humanity says Sharmila.


The State is with a wrong notion without AFSPA we cannot rule. As a democratic leader if they are committed they should go by people’s choice and wish.

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