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Kid’s day out and a sense of pottery work from Popular Singer K.Bobin


The morning started with a bus waiting outside ready to pack the boys to an open park of bountiful nature. Lined up in a discipline stand each one of them got introduced. Some did with flair of English pronunciation. In fact all the kids were smart and outspoken. Just as the children reached Andro they were taken to a pottery centre run by Crafts and Social Development Organisation, Kongba which hasinitiated training programme for several clusters.

They met the artisans and they explore their work displayed at the centre.  Some basics of making pots were delivered by the experts who captured the imaginative mind of the kids.  An entertainment program with songs and speech followed in quick session. The boys sung their number they learnt at Children Home Tera.

“I was also interested in letting the children know about the pottery work of Andro and to take them to the aesthetic site for a refreshing mind.  The significance of Andro as a historic place and to let the children visit the place was very good I thought and we make our way to it. Luckily the pottery centre run by Crafts and Social Development Organisation has consented on giving creative vocational class for the kids from time to time at no cost. It will be a good pastime for the kids and it will enhance their creative mind during the course of work as pottery making is full of fun and imaginative, says K Bobin.

The picnic cum vocational outing for the kids under the initiative of popular singer K Bobin had roled out with melody.  A song ‘mapa leitraba macha’ by the singer gave a meaningful sensation when he joins the boys in singing the song with a portable sound system inside the artisans’ hall. Young mind exude their talents as they gave a free mind hum to the tune of the song. Mention may also be made that the same song dedicated to the children living in various children home was released and sung in a concert at B.O.A.T along with the boys.

 “Earlier I have organised a concert at BOAT for kids living in Children home “Eikhoigi eral karino” – Voice of the Children. Altogether 70 children from Tera children home, WIGS Thoubal, Deulaland Children home took part in the mega concert dedicated to the children.  Training for one and half month was conducted before the concert where the kids were taught to sing. My main objective of the show was to spread awareness about care and love towards the under privilege kids and not to discriminate them,” says K Bobin.

Two Songs – mapa leitaba macha, khagi chorophon machu were sung along with the children before a huge crowd at B.O.A.T. Some of our audience shed tear listening the song when the kids sung with candles in their hand. The innocent kids with a promising future sung to their best melody. The platform was a personality enhancing one for them and the audience at B.O.A.T was very supportive” says K Bobin in an exclusive interview.  

According to K Bobin the concept of organising a picnic was that during New Year eve everyone wants to go out for a picnic and spend good time. The Home authority requested me for the same initiative with the kids and since I was associated with them for a long time I was very fortunate to have spent time with the kids.

How did you define your happiness of that day?

One child was eating alone in a free mind at a corner as the feast was a buffet and sit around meal in the woods. I was so happy to imagine the kind of outing he had that day says K Bobin.

How people felt about the initiative towards the cause?

N. Lokendra of the pottery centre gave a good gesture towards the learning session and assured free vocational course for Pottery and Kauna Craft skill impartment for kids of Tera Children Home in due course of time.

He showed his gratitude for bringing them to their centre and expressed his happiness to have served the children. “Try to recall what you enjoy in the picnic it will be a new experience to you try to develop writing skills” was one enthusiastic note he gave to the gathering kids. 

Vikram Hawaibam, Chief Advisor of Manipur Photography society who documented the event spoke that it was a very good time for children to get exposed to art and culture. The various creative pottery work shown to them is very encouraging he continued. 


 Naobi warden of Tera Children Home speaking about the event expressed that giving a privilege to the growing children and allowing them to get exposed to skilful vocational knowledge was good. 

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