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Manipur Alert Statement on International Women’s Day 2016


By Manipur Alert

The oppressive rule under the incumbent regime suspends the democratic rights of the peoples of Manipur. The ongoing militarisation to promote neo-liberal finance intrusion and repression of democratic movements perpetuate underdevelopment, subjugation by market regime, exploitation and inequality at the cost of economic and social welfare of the general masses. In this context, the larger section of the women in our society are subjected to a vicious spiral of political slavery, economic grievances and social sufferings.

The primary threat to our women is structural violence, that is, state terrorism in the name of counter insurgency. Many women are subjected to sexual aggression and various other forms of torture perpetrated with impunity by the law enforcing agencies. Many young women, whose husbands were killed in fake encounters, have become impoverished widows. As the regime is indifferent to protect marginalized women; many women are victims of sexual aggression, domestic violence, underpaid wage labour, patriarchal vilification and stigmas. The number of female domestic workers and flesh traders is on the raise due to economic constraint created by underdevelopment and lack of social welfare schemes.

At the current stage of such exploitation and subjugation, Manipur Alert (MA) extends solidarity to the women who are striving to fulfill national democratic movement as the precondition of the social emancipation of women.

Long live peoples’ democratic movement.

Long live women’s struggle for social emancipation.



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