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Manipur Photography Society


A group of young enthusiastic photographers and photo lovers came together to form a society where knowledge sharing, photography tour, friendship and mutual caring are some of the main highlight. The society is titled “Manipur Photography Society”.

It was formally launched on 18th August at Sagolband Meino Leirak Manung where 40 of its members gathered and had a formal discussion sharing their thoughts.

The society aims to create awareness and learning opportunity in social issues besides imparting knowledge on photography from fellow members and time to time seminar classes on varied topics relating to photography. Workshops, lectures, photo competitions and exhibits are some of main focus of the society at present to take forward the cause of the society.

Some of the main objectives of the Society :-

To maximize the knowledge about photography for becoming amateur photographers or simply as a good hobby for an individual.

To provide an opportunity to learn new things concerning photography without having to spend much money

To provide a platform to build relationships, have new friends and not just acquaintances. 

Photo Credits: Courtesy of  Manipur Photography Society




First Photography tour

Just after its formation a tour was organized at Ereng Khul, Kangchup four kilometers ahead of Singda Dam and 23 kilometers from Imphal West. The members interacted with the villagers and got a chance to learn about the exotic place.

As some of   the members narrated that the villagers expressed their happiness over the societies’ visit. The villagers told them that earlier Poknapham, ISTV, E-Pao has visited the place and Manipur Photography Society is the fourth one to study about the Waterfall and interact the villagers.


Members of the Society who have gone to Ereng informed Manipur Times that the villagers have expressed their happiness over the visit. The villager’s wishes in the local area development in terms of road connection to the village and towards the waterfall are a concern story.


Temporarily stretch out wood built tied with ropes are laid along the side of the hills at regular interval to cover up the unpaved road at the hills. The roadway is quite adventurous as of now. It could be a good tourist spot is what everyone says as they capture the scenic natural beauty in their clicks continued the narration.


18 of its member took part in the first photo tour of Manipur Photography Society which was flagged off by the president of Manipur Photography Society from Keishampat Keisham Leikai, Community Hall. The members met the secretary of the village and honored    him a souvenir scarf as a mark of honor.


A seven member villagers joined the tour helping the team with cooking utensils and planning out for a good cook. They found the villagers very hospitable. Sweets were distributed to the kids as a token of love and a heartfelt interaction was Manipur Photography Society had with the humble villagers.


On Facebook

The members are uploading their clicks at the Facebook group and page and are quite happening as of now. The budding society is expected to give a new impetus to the ever growing photography skills and the love of photography in the State.






Webpage of the Manipur Photography Society http://comingsoon.org

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