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Manipuris living abroad for better Emergency Services in Manipur


Chief Minister and Knowledge Exchange Network members (KEN) discuss on emergency services in Manipur. KEN the organization of Manipuris, mostly living abroad and few at Manipur, expresses their willingness in tackling emergency services in Manipur.

The area where KEN can be a part of effective services in Manipur as submitted to the Chief Minister today in a humble function at the CM Bungalow are as under :-

KEN’s role in implementing Emergency Services in Manipur

1) Transfers knowledge related to emergency services from their experiences in developed countries (e.g. USA,     UK, Ireland, Canada, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan etc.)

2) Facilitate in bringing experienced consultants from developed countries to Manipur

3) Training of Police and Fire Services personnel on BLS and paramedics on both BLS and ALS, with the help of medical professionals who can be enlisted with/through KEN.

4) Creating Public awareness of emergency situations and mode of operation.

KEN’s role in implementing Emergency Services in Manipur

1) Arranging necessary workshops with state officials and international experts by co-sponsoring with the  government;

2) Monitoring, feedback and audit the quality of the implementation of Emergency Services System and various other National Health and Developmental Plans in Manipur.

3) KEN can take up “Healthcare for All” in Manipur as one of its prime long term agenda.

4) KEN can organize fund-raising campaigns and tie up with humanitarian organizations like Lions’ Club to develop infrastructures and skilled manpower to take healthcare services to the people’s doorsteps.


Knowledge Exchange Networks (KEN) an organization formed by Manipuri’s living abroad whose vision is to empower people at the bottom of Pyramid by building global think tank for Manipuris submitted the above proposals to Okram Ibobi Chief Minister for effective emergency services in Manipur after a brief discussion and light talks about best practices in various countries specially our neighboring Asian countries like Korea, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Bankok, Japan, Myanmar etc.

The Chief Minister shares his amazement in cycling practices in Taiwan. Also the efforts taken up in Myanmar for a green environment. He also shares the best practice of maintaining speed while driving in different countries where he had traveled. Moreover the trade point in Singapore. The practice of military training in Korea and Taiwan where individuals get trained.

Three representatives of KEN namely Dr. Ng. Shantikumar, Professor in De Lin Institute of Technology, Taiwan; Nahakpam Bidhan, Assistant Professor in University of Suwon, South Korea; Dr L. Jibon, MIMS Manipur University. Other delegates present are Chen Nan Tai (wife of Mr. World Dr Ng Shantikumar) and Kunjo, lecturer in T. G. High School draw the importance of emergency services in Manipur which can help in saving valuable lives.

Dr. Shantikumar says that the Taiwan government gives free insurance and free education for every additional child born after two kids to a parent. The people are hard working and friendly and always smile.

Chen Nan Tai wife of Mr. World Dr. Ng. Shantikumar (Ph. D. from JNU, New Delhi) expressed that Manipuris are very smart and talented and is quite distinct from the rest of the country so the State deserves best practices as in many best practices of Manipur like the rich culture and excellence in many field.

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