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Mera Chaoren Houba festival begins


Imphal, October 5, 2012:  Signalling the arrival of autumn after scorching summer, Mera Chaoren Houba festival which signifies unity and brotherhood among the various ethnics in the state was observed with traditional fervour and gaiety under the aegis of Lainingthou Sanamahi Temple Board at Haying Khongbal Tolong Yumpham, located inside the 1st MR complex here today.

The festival was marked by a rally starting from Haying Khongbal Tolong Yumpham till the sacred Kangla from where the rallyists collected Eru Esheng (holy water) and then proceeded back to Haying Khongbal, 1st MR complex where the temple of Lainingthou Sanamahi locates. Mera Chaoren Houba is the traditional festival of the Manipur celebrated on the first day of Mera, the seventh month of Meetei Lunar calendar.

Works Minister Dr. Kh Ratankumar; former Minister and President of Lainingthou Sanamahi Temple Board, L Jayentakumar and Vice president of Manipur Pradesh congress committee, Bidyapati Senjam graced the main event held at the Sanamahi temple as Chief Guest, President and Guest of Honour respectively.
 Minister Kh Ratankumar said that although Mera chaoren houba festival is observed by the Meetei community, it is an important festival signifying the aged old unity and fraternity between the people inhabiting in the hill and valley of Manipur.


“The unity among the people can be strengthened in the state only when all the different ethnics understand the origin and underlying theme of the festival deeply”, he observed,  while assuring that a toilet complex would be constructed by his department shortly for convenience of the people visiting the holy temple to offer prayer.    


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