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MIE2016 – Charcoal operated cooking stove Meital Leirang – new innovative pursuits of a local blacksmith


Innovation of multi stove, a paddy husk or charcoal operated cooking stove would be of much helpful to those poor families currently practising firewood kitchen and cannot afford LPG cylinder and stoves. The new cooking stove is developed by local Artisan Maibam Deben Singh (67), son of late Manao from Singjamei Irom Leirak, a blacksmith by profession.

This locally made cooking stove brand is another attraction for the tourists and festival reveling in the ongoing Manipur industrial expo 2016 held at Lamboikhongnangkhong, Imphal west. Stall number is G-206

Deven makes such stoves under the brand Kanglepak fish drier.
The new cooking stove consumes less fuel but gives out effective heat energy. A packet of 450 gms of charcoal can give out heat energy continuously for about three hours. Another benefit is that it reduces family expenses on cooking daily meals as it is both ecology and economy friendly . Family expenses on using the stove would comparatively be lesser than those of the families using LPG gas, claimed Artisan Maibam Deben.
Earlier, Maibam Deben Singh, to his credit, had developed a fish dryer cum cooking stove which helps people especially those individuals in fish business, for which he was honoured with National Innovative Award by National Innovative Foundation, NIF, New Delhi.

He has studied only till Class VIII and was a jeep driver and a workshop mechanic before he started his innovative venture.



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