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MSF2015: ‘Top Bambooz’ showcases its finest craft works at Manipur Sangai Festival at stall number 27


‘Top Bambooz’ is a budding firm in the state specialized in creating and designing various items of cane and bamboo. The firm is based at Top Khongnangmakhong in Imphal East.
The firm is a new venture of some like-minded and hard working youths of the state. Hijam Jamesbond Meetei, Athokpam Bishwajit and Amol Sharma from Top village in Imphal East are the key partners of the firm.
In 2010, these like-minded youths who believe in finding alternative ways for livelihood through self employment rather than running after from pillar to post to get white collar jobs initiated the cane and bamboo craft with the help of the State Forest Department.
Under the brand name, ‘Top Bambooz’, the bamboo Artisans display decorative items like flower base, jewellery box, pencil box, table lamp, soap cap and furniture items like table and chair made of cane and bamboo at the stall of National Bamboo Mission at Manipur Sangai Festival 2015.
“Seven men are presently working in the firm and we can make a thriving business in such cane and bamboo craft with the demand of craft items made of bamboo is on the rise”, said Hijam Jamesbond.

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