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Seminar on entrepreneurship development was conducted by NE8 Startups I Assam Team on the 1st July 2016. The event was attended by entrepreneurs from the region and also representatives of various government/pvt and start-ups from Guwahati, especially.The theme of the seminar was focused on entrepreneurship development in the Northeast India region.With Guwahati, making headlines in the national media for being selected as one of the smart cities from the region, so strategically training related to entrepreneurship & skill development are being focussed at all possible levels.Among the seminar themes were: “Current startup scenario in NE region” by Rhiddhis Chakravorty (Assistant Editor-Yourstory Media, followed by “Fostering innovation in the NE region”

Swapnanil Talukdar (Chief Ambassador, NE8 Startups) and “Scaling up ventures in Northeast India” Seema Jangid (Partner, Explorer & Adventure) concluded with “Media’s role in covering NE Startups” Mahmud Al Hasan (Founder, Chief Editor-The Assam News) followed by interactive sessions. The newly-launched startup accelerator for Northeast India NE8 Startups has grown at a positive rate with tremendous response from the startup community in the region.


Founded by Riddhinil Roy, a serial entrepreneur and also CEO of connec8ive+ a campus dashboard platform, NE8 Startups has now grown to a combined force of 15 core team members. With Aman Bajaj, CEO-Jiffy Rooms as cofounder for NE8 Startups has helped in extensive outreach. Swapnanil Talukdar, an Innovation scholar awarded by Hon’ble Pranab Mukherjee (President of India) also is associated with NE8 Startups, as ambassador to help promote entrepreneurship among higher school and college students at all levels, especially in NE8 Startups Foundation programmes. The operations team headed by Anisha Das and with Shreya Kar,Manisha Das and Sumit Roy as incharges took to the entire team management and are extensively in talks with state/central govt and priva te authorities,institutions related to entrepreneurship & skill development in the entire Northeast region.The team memberships under foundation, are now open and one can apply by registering in the NE8 Startups website/app at: http://bit.ly/2946KZI


The vibrant community platform at NE8 Startups web platform is a social network for entrepreneur s, mentors and aspirants in the startup domain. With better interaction facilities, one-on-one chat enabling the future entrepreneurs from the region to also communicate with like minded people on the platform is a step forward to utilise the regional, geographical diversity and collaborate together on the initiative.The community platform also showcases various start-ups from the Northeast India region and the initiatives they are undertaking.Also included are the startup media aggregator links that enables reading articles from the best of startup media in the country and the resources.


The NE India-based exclusive startup accelerator is operational across the eight states of the northeast India, comprising consortium of start-ups from: Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Sikkim, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura and Manipur.Across the outreach centres have been set up in public-private partnership at Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai where lot of entrepreneurs from NE region are settled, on permanent or temporary basis.The outreach team comprises of a flat structure with state heads and operation teams separately for the states.Currently the regional offices are in Guwahati and Imphal, to cater extensively for queries and consulting related to entrepreneurs from NE region.

Helpdesks set up also are telephonic and further more info can be accessed at:  http://bit.ly/28KLe8Y


The startup accelerator platform NE8 Startups operates on both web platform and app.The recently launched android app on the Google Playstore is the first of its kind from the region dedicated exclusively for the entrepreneurship development in the region.Any entrepreneur or startup can utilise  resources, as on NE8 Startups app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wNE8startups The entire launched web platform NE8 Startups, is fully responsive on mobile and desktop versions & works effectively on slow and in average internet speeds as well, live at: http://ne8startups.com


The initiative has been started to encourage start-ups, first generation entrepreneurs and also uplift the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the North-east India region.The founding team strongly believes th at with proper mentoring, startup culture and also funding resources allotment from state-central govt or pvt angel/VC funds, start-ups from the region can flourish to be sustainable businesses and make the youth job creators not job seekers.Although the effort needs wide public-private partnership and industry-academia connect, with a well chalked-out plan NE8 Startups is providing the future of entrepreneurship in the region, right now.The vision of NE8 Startups being to remove any excuses of resources lacking in the region and instead providing all entrepreneurs,creators and innovators with a complete resource list focussed on tech,media,legal and design domains alongwith a well-guided mentor approach.Team NE8 Startups and its stakeholders strongly believe in: #FutureIsNow

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