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Outbreak of measles in CCpur: Vaccination conducted at vulnerable locations


CCPUR, June 9 (DIO): In the backdrop of Measles outbreak in Churachandpur, the District Family Welfare Office of Churachandpur swung into action and administered Measles-Rubella vaccination to altogether 109 children at seven (7) localities in Churachandpur town area today.However, no fresh case has been detected or reported till the time of filing this report.
Although it was a Holiday on account of Second Saturday, staff of DFWO started since early today morning and conducted MR vaccination at Hmuia Veng, K. Sinai S. Kunglal Veng,Hengkom Veng, S Muoldung Veng, K. Commissariat and K Khomunnom.
Meanwhile, 183 children have been vaccinated at Monglenphai while 28 children have been given vaccination at K. Sinai since yesterday. Outbreak of Measles was confirmed at these two villages where one death was reported at K. Sinai.
DFWO, Dr Jam Thianlal said the mass vaccination was taken out today as a measure to control Measles outbreak. He said that K Sinai has 15 households. Out of these, 5 houses are found locked as they were reportedly out of station.
“At the same time, 13 children from three families of K Sinai are reported as ‘already vaccinated at school’ by their respective parents. But they could not produce supporting documents. As such, they are still recorded as ‘Resistance,’” he said.

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