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Please refrain from doing counter blockade in the valley


By Ringo Pebam

I am kind of lost for words to see the happenings in Manipur – the indefinite blockade in the hills for the last so many days; the ambushes on the police, the bandhs and counter blockade etc of late, lots of things have been happening.

There were counter blockades in parts of Imphal yesterday, especially at Khurai. I am requesting the people of the valley to not resort to such acts. We, in the valley are suffering due to some people/ leaders of the hills that call for blockade in the highway. Yes, some anti social elements did come out blocking and destroying the vehicles and goods few weeks back on the highway, even the police escorts were sent back to Imphal. Now, if we do the counter blockade, the innocent people of the hills will again suffer. I know we are all very very angry, but if we do the counter blockade, we are no different from them. On humanitarian ground, let the vehicles and buses pass by.

Doing counter blockade and attacking churches is not a way of paying respect to the departed martyrs, I feel. The people who are suffering have nothing to do the ones who fired on the police. They died for a united Manipur, let us not make Manipur divided.

That said, I would like to also say something to the individuals who have posted in social media against the attacks on MBC day before yesterday, the counter blockade at Khurai yesterday – why were they so silent when there have been indefinite blockades in the hills all these days? Not a word of condemnation then, and why now when the counter blockade happens, they start to complain. That’s being hypocrite!

And dear UNC, you please do your protest against the government for your reasons and grievances, I am okay. But your economic blockades along the national highway have made the prices of petrol, and other basic commodities sky rocketed. Like everyone in the valley, I bought petrol at Rs 180 a liter. Why should you make the common people in the valley suffer again and again for any issue? Today is the 49th day of your ongoing blockade. Such sadists you are!!

If NSCN (IM) has a ceasefire agreement with the GOI in Nagaland, so be it. Happy for their peace. But why does the central and the state govt. let loose gun totting NSCN (IM) cadres in the open at different parts of the state threatening, firing, killing, robbing… as they please. Have they taken over the government as keepers of law in these parts of Manipur?

Today, there are reports that Imphal bound vehicles have been burnt at Mao and Senapati, and Ukhrul bound vehicles were burnt at Saijang, near Lamlai.

Please stop the blockade in the hills and counter blockade in the valley. It’s not going to help anyone.

An eye for an eye will make us all go blind.

– Ringo Pebam 19th December 2016 Imphal

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  1. Yeah, we must not except violence
    But we must try to root out the cause of violence .
    We must try to root out, the misunderstanding and foul spirit who knows nothing but the ways of arrogance
    Who claim nothing but territorial power.
    All the people should be educated
    We all have fire and life giving water
    It depends on what the men on the other side is demanding.

    Peace comes through understanding not power

  2. Da Ringo Pebam thank q for reminding ur previous appeal….but why only the Counter blockage tag is published in the widely known Facebook page…why not that too. Sorry if I play as a naive here….and hope the same previous Facebook status will also publish here again…

  3. Chongtham Bobby Khaba:

    “Dear UNC, please do your protest against the government for your reasons and grievances, I am okay. But why the f*** should you make the common people in the valley suffer again and again for any issue? Today is the 25th day of the blockades. Such f***ing sadists you are!!”
    – Ringo Pebam
    26th November 2016


  4. If violence is the solution,i think our forefathers will be laughing at us now.All of is suffering there is no question abt that but an eye for a eye n blood for blood is nt the solution.History has never mentioned violence bring’s peace, i support da ringo pebam

  5. Da Ringo Pebam are we still ok to suffer from blockage…are we still ok to lost our precious time in standing queue for 2 L petrol….are we still ok to see our highway drivers harass by hill brethren….are we still ok for everything we are suffering….

  6. EI PEISA AMATA LEISANLAKTARE MANIPUR BLOCADE, BANDH, CARFEW NA MARAM OIRAGA GUWAHATI DA LUPA 500 NONGMA GI 300 CHAK CHABAGI PUNA TOTAL 800.. Nungtigi thiradi bandh blocade carfew handoknadrifw eid kang c crani manipur you ngamdana… masida natana hwjik guwahati da manipuri kaya ama awaba mayoknare yum thokningbana peisa yamna leisinlktabana…

    plz help everyone

    MASIGIGIDAMAKTA MANIPUR DA LEIRIBA MIPUM KHUDING NA amadi MANIPUR GOVT. na hingsa gi thabak sing handokpiyu…

    ei ym lairaba misak amani mapan da chatuna peisa khitang tanjabani csu loidwre…
    plz help me…..


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