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Press Release Yengkhom Devson supports ILP.


Press Release

Yengkhom Devson supports ILP.

Yengkhom Devson who was beaten by JCILP activists recently claims he is not against ILP, but he is contributing in his own way for ILP by training and employing most of the local peoples in his office. More than 150 Manipuri have been trained till now. They are employed in private firms and some are doing their own business successfully. He has bright future outside national and international design world but he chooses to work here and share his expertise with the people of Manipur.

The Non Manipuri who was caught by the JCILP in the TASHI interiors was a part time worker, and was not denied for verification. He was even sent to the office of JCILP the same day along with one of the office (Tashi Interiors) employee. It was about beating and using violence which was debated on as there was no need to use violence to prove any point.

He feels that the present unfortunate incident between him and some volunteers of JCILP is a result of misunderstanding caused by some people having personal grudges. He feels that these nefarious elements are feeding wrong information to the leaders of JCILP, and instigating them to the wrong direction.

He also has reiterated that there was no intimidation to any of the member or to the organization and he went to have a peaceful conversation with the representatives of JCILP. The visit was intended to clear apparant misunderstanding.

He requests the leaders of JCILP to consider and analyze the situation in more practical and neutral way so that the whole issue is not hijacked and tarnished by some immature volunteers. Those volunteers using violence and intimidating means must be corrected and contained, so that the faith of people towards the JCILP remains strong.

He has always propagated peace and self reliance and not used any relationship or contact with any person to intimidate anyone or have personal gains. He is a law abiding citizen who believes in respect for human life. He reiterated that whole issue is being diverted towards wrong direction and corrective actions must be taken to keep the sanity of situation and addressing the right cause. He has expressed hope that this would be the last violent incident by anyone in pursuit of their goals.




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