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Registration open at Start-up Cafe: for Aspirant Entrepreneurs


IBIC (Imphal Business Incubation Centre) is an Entrepreneur Incubation centre which intends to incubate young entrepreneurs of the state. It helps in creating and developing micro, small and medium enterprise in the region. IBIC provides process and knowledge on how to start a business, making simple business plans, managing cash flow and networking with government bodies for grants, reaching out to potential buyers and mentorship, skill training and networking opportunities.

Who can register?

o Person who is interested to start a business and have an idea/concept

o Person who has already started a business and wants to develop it.

A registered Entrepreneur will get the following facilities?

o Space – work station

o Internet, Telephone & Electricity

o Materials – Books on Entrepreneurship, Business Magazines, Newspaper and Articles

o IT Infra and Support – Computer, Internet, Wi-Fi, Printer, Scanner and Copier.

o Board rooms & meeting rooms


Start-up café – Imphal Business Incubation Centre (IBIC)

Thangmeiband Meisnam Leikai,

Opposite THAU ground, Imphal – 795001

Ph.no. 0385 2410355

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