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The Status of use of Media through internet and E-Learning in the State of Manipur


Manipur being an underdeveloped state of northeast India is a multi-ethnic, multi-linguistic and multi-religious state. Mushrooming conflicts from various directions of the state have affected the education system. Moreover the on and off power blackout makes the subject near to a difficult struggle.

This new way of E-learning technology through electronic resources will help at least to spread the knowledge to the rural areas of both hilly and valley regions beyond the reach of unpredictable road blockade, strikes and ban. Nowadays, handheld devices like smartphones and tablets are commonly used by the students to meet their need of course materials. Browsing and accessing online courses and educational materials of desired subject have become a trending phenomenon, since it gives the knowledge seekers a convenient way learning.

One of the media contents accessing through Internet is an online course for educational purpose and research materials, which is happening at cyber blocks of Manipur University, NIT Manipur and IBSD of Manipur. Recent analysis on the data reports from Manipur University & NIT Manipur gives an eye-view that students in large numbers are login in for online courses with various subjects as audio video presentations through internet e.g. YouTube, NPTEL, Coursera, Edx, Google etc.

The present trend of E-learning in Manipur is rising in exponential rate and same figure can be found from the user’s history of accessed hyperlink addresses from the server of Manipur University & NIT Manipur.

The following pie chart shows the overall figure of students interested in e learning.

The proper authenticated setup for the e-learning technology is on the table talk by responsible person from universities, Institutes & colleges. E-learning courses give us great flexibility in learning new materials at our own place which easy to access & save time. As it could supplement our knowledge from different experts without any time or place bound. It enhances the understanding of the subject and helpful in various areas not only educational line.

Exchanging information with multimedia files among student through messenger like Google Drive, Whatsapp, Yahoo! Messenger, Wechat and Gtalk has indeed made the learning process so easy that the old saying of world in your finger’s tip seems to be coming true.

In case of its benefit to our new generation, e-learning courses are helpful to many students and teachers especially to knowledge seekers of far-lung places where infrastructure are not well developed and especially for those who can’t be present physically in classroom environment. It provides facility to gather knowledge on their subject plus good interaction with experts for development of knowledge and understanding in order to demonstrate a positively outcome. It has benefitted us a lot since Information’s are made available at the fingertips with a sound environment.

TFig. Pie Chart data collected September 2014 from Manipur University, NIT Manipur and IBSD Manipur

E-learning provides an alternative source of learning other than the conventional way of teaching. It can capture the whole attention of the learning through visualization and spreading knowledge in short span of time to the large number of audience. This mode of learning streamlines the way of understanding and explanation because it demonstrates the topics very clearly and shows how an experiment is conducted. It enables us to keep abreast of the latest developments in the subject area and helps us gauge how the subject is taught all over the world. It makes us to know the subject area vividly. The liberty to pause and play makes the process very easy depending on the necessity of one individual.

YouTube provide a good platform for distribution of e-learning material, course from NPTEL are available on YouTube beside other material. The recent finding reflects the interest and needs of students & professionals from the state towards this mode of learning. There are some good videos available in YouTube e.g. NPTEL, MIT open courseware, and other site Coursera, Edx. Online E-learning courses are highly relevant and at the same time quite challenging.

In the case of Video conferencing, it enhances the e-learning course by augmenting with interactivity. We can share the knowledge and idea by interacting with subject matter experts and it will be great opportunity to learn from such experienced resource persons.

Students and faculties of the state have completely realized the urgency and need of electronic medium of imparting, disseminating and reaping knowledge. The need of the hour is –proper set up of this facility to schools, colleges, Institutes and universities so that students from the state can be competent enough to face their counterpart from other part of the advanced world.


I sincerely thank Prof. Pradeep Yammiyavar, Head CET, IITG for his invaluable suggestions on this article.

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