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The SuiGeneris Inc. wins the Most Innovative SME Award


The SuiGeneris Inc. wins the Most Innovative SME Award at The Telegraph INFOCOM SME Awards 2014, powered by RELIANCE. The Telegraph – INFOCOM SME Awards is first of its kind platform wherein SME initiatives and Entrepreneurial success in east is recognized and awarded for their contributions.

Several awards were given away at the occasion. The  SuiGeneris Inc. was one of three companies that received an award for the Most Innovative SME.

A pioneer in the field of green revolution, the SuiGeneris Inc. is a privately owned sustainable development enterprise based in Imphal, Manipur. Launched in 2007 by Mr.Ragesh Keisham, the firm currently owns and manages a large plantation of Cymbopogon citratus plantation in various areas of Manipur and is known for its brand – CC Tea.

Reliance has offered the SuiGeneris Inc. a partnership deal to grow the company to the next level. This really has come in such a time where youths in Manipur are developing a taste of Entrepreneurship in the region and we are sure, this news would uplift their spirits and enthusiasm. We need your support and guidance in our struggle to make people of Manipur realise that Entrepreneurship indeed is the need of the hour.

Media Contact:

Ms. Veronica – +91-8974004567

Ms. Roshni – +91-8794904588

Ms. Padamini – +91-8731918922

Email: info @ thesuigeneris.in

Website: www.thesuigeneris.in www.cctea.in

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