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Uttam unplugged for a Greenery World tomorrow



Mother Nature has given us everything. Now it’s our turn to give Mother Nature a Justice.

Uttam unplugged for a Greenery World tomorrow is a musical approach to the cause of Environment. Uttam and the band believe that a little contribution of the act can save the environment at lease something.

We the organizers Voluntary Organization for Improvement of Community and Environment (VOICE), Team Sanaleipak, a newly established event management team and Social Existence Foundation (SEF) are launching a beneficial concert Uttam unplugged for a Greenery World tomorrow. For the first time in Manipur, Uttam and his band is performing a pure “unplugged” for safeguarding the Environment. The main objective of the event is making awareness of Environment and finding out its issues and practical sustainable solutions in Manipur.

Event : Uttam unplugged for a Greenery World tomorrow…..

Featuring Artistes:


The Vinyl Records, a Delhi based all girls band from Arunachal  Pradesh and Assam           

Infer, an Imphal based band              

On Date 18th  September, Thursday, 2014

At Tribal Research Institute Hall, Chingmeirong, Imphal. Near MBC Church.

Other main programs of the event

6th September 2014  : –  Road Show (Street play, Hip Hop Dance and Cycle Stun)

11th September 2014 : – Discussion on Environmental Issues and its Measures in Manipur

This discussion will find out the important issues and solutions of Environment in Manipur. Many intellectuals and experts from Govt. Departments will give presentations on different fields and question hour will be conducted. NGOs, civil organizations, reporters and individuals will be invited as well. The program will also be live telecasted.


It will be benefitted by around 50 schools in terms of awareness and adaptation of trees. Not only the teachers and students, many locals will also be benefitted by the series of programs. Students are expected better future. So making them understand the needs of environment and its safeguarding is an inevitable. And the series of action-oriented programs will provide a practical session of Environmental Studies to the schools. And we are establishing Eco-Clubs to schools for more effectiveness. Planting a tree is easy but growing it is not an easy task. That’s why VOICE is organizing its programs only in schools and traditional temples (Laipham Len). These are the protected places where we can grow the trees. Painting, quiz, drama, music, and dance are the mediums of awareness. VOICE experienced in their selective areas that, two minutes of artistes’ entertaining act or speech is more effective than the long narrative speech. Many renowned artistes are also associated with the group. And VOICE is building up a Cultural Institute in Sugnu Laiten Ching, for re-establishing cultural activities and to give protection of the environment. To realize these dreams it needs funds.  The profits will directly used for the green works of VOICE.

Please be the part of this memorable event and contribute to safeguard our degrading Environment. Lets act before it is too late.

Programs of the Event

Thursday, 3rd April 2014             – Press conference at Press club, Imphal

Saturday, 30th August 2014        – TV program recording

                                                    -Interview with the artistes, sponsors and experts of the environment

                                                   -Jamming sessions

Thursday, 4th  September 2014  – TV program recording

                                                 -Interview with the artistes, sponsors and experts of the environment

Saturday, 6th September 2014          – Road show- Street play with BMX cycle stun and Hip Hop Dance

Saturday, 13th September 2014 – Discussion on Environment and Pre-launch program of

   UTTAM Unplugged

-Discussion on Environmental issues and its measures in Manipur

(morning and afternoon sessions)

                                                formal releasing of web site of VOICE and Uttam Band

                                                -formal releasing of souvenir of the event and the cause

                                                -formal releasing of the long awaited 3rd solo album “BHOOT” of Uttam

                                                -meet and greet the artistes


Thursday, 18th September 2014 – Uttam unplugged for a Greenery World tomorrow

                                                              From 4pm onwards

opening      The Koi

                                                guest band -The Vinyl Records

                                                main event  – Uttam Band

Saturday, 20th September 20014 – thank you Dinner  from 6pm onwards

presentation of acknowledgement citation to the sponsors, donors and   artistes



Topic: – Discussion on Environmental Issues and Its Measures in Manipur

Languages: Manipuri and English

First Session

10.00 AM – Gathering of VIPs and Delegates

10.15 Am – Taking Chair of the Dice

10.20 AM – Presentation of  rosettes

10.25 AM – Well come and key note

10.30 AM – Speech by the Guest of Honor, Shri P C Lamkunga, Chief Secretary

10.45 AM – Speech by the Guest of Honor, Commissioner Forest and Environment

11.00 AM – Presentation by Shri H. Nandiram Sharma (Topic: – Environment of Manipur: Past and Present)

11.15 AM – Presentation by Prof. N.Rajmohaon(Topic: – Roll of indigenous people in Conservation of


11.30 AM – Speech by Principal Chief Conservator of Forest (Laws and Acts)

11.45 AM – Speech by the Chief Guest, His Excellency, Shri VK Duggal, Governor of Manipur

12.00 AM – Presentation by Shri RK Nimai, Commissioner Art and Culture (Topic: – Budgetary Support on

                      Forest and Environment)

12.15 PM – Speech of the President

12.30 PM – Question Hour

12.45 PM – Speech of the Moderator (first findings)

01.00 PM – Lunch

Second Session

01.30 PM – Re-gathering

01.40 PM – Taking Chairs of the Dice

01.45 PM – Presentation by Office of the Directorate of Environment and Ecology Wing, Manipur (Topic:

                    Climatic Change and its effects in Manipur)

02.00 PM – Presentation by Sinam Samananda (Topic: – Issues and Solutions of Environment in Manipur)

02.15 PM – Presentation by Prof. W. Bishwanath (Topic: – Fish Diversity and Conservation of Environment)

02.30 PM – Presentation by G. Tomba Sharma

02.45 PM – Question Hour

03.00 PM – Presentation by Dr. Kh. Shamungou (Topic: – Sangai and Environment)

03 15 PM – Presentation by Dr. RK. Birjit (Topic: – Conservation of Birds and Environment)

03.30 PM- Presentation (on planning and conservation & protection of Environment in Manipur)

03.45 Pm – Question Hour

04.00 PM – Tea Break

04.15 PM- 2nd Findings of Issues and Solutions

04.30 PM- Thanks giving and End of the Discussion.


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