5th October 2017 : With the influx of western and outside fabrics in Manipur, the status of handloom & textiles of the state has been going down and is losing its market value. Youth plays a very important role in our society with regards to the clothing market. With lots of Korean movies and western trends dominating the mind of youths of our society. Making a handloom textiles of the state and show casing it into the fashion runway takes the attention of youth diverting their mind and making it as a fashion trends was the vision of the showcasing the design in Bhutan .
The objective of the collection of the event that was held on 2 nd October 2017 at Taj Hotel in Thimpu of elite crowds and handloom lovers and fashion aspirants of the country witnessed the show with enthusiasm. The event “Project Bhutan”, Season 6 Global Edition brought 6 designs from different countries. Being Robert Naorem, renowned established designer, represented the country India with his collection design with purpose of highlighting the new design “Meitei Mayek”, original script of Manipur, was seen on the enaphee worn by the top models of different countries. The credit of the designs by Robert Naorem was given to his weavers. There was a huge attention by the national media at Bhutan being a unique form of design and theme. Robert showcased various Meitei Mayek designed, enaphee and western gown made out of Wankhei cotton phee and also tribal fabrics incorporated on western designs. The event was organised by Paljor Gayback,directed by renowned fashion choreographer of India (Mumbai) Achla Sachdev. Robert’s collection brings more limelight to the crowd with the showstopper, National Award winner and renowned top actress of Bhutan,Tandin Bidha, displaying Meitei Meiyek enaphee by Robert Naorem.



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