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NE Taxi ventures into e-commerce – NE Origins launching on 17th of July 2020


NE Taxi, a pioneer of Holiday Taxi and a leading Travel Company of North-East India; ventures into e-commerce to help small homegrown/cottage industries in the north east during times of COVID-19

Since the past few years NE Taxi has been bringing the world to the North East of India; and now, NE Origins will take the North East to the world’s many million doorsteps!

Ever since the pandemic started, there has been widespread havoc and chaos in the Business sectors. Small businesses and brands have been suffering the consequences of the pandemic. With the rate that the businesses are vanishing, it is as though there wasn’t any market from the very beginning.

In these tough times, we at NE Origins arrive on the stage with a revolutionary platform of gathering all the smaller businesses in the market (strictly within the North East Region) to form a marketplace that will hereafter fill the vacuum created in the market right now.

With so many flagship companies in the North East of India that sell products that are authentic to the north-eastern culture, traditions and identity; all that is remaining is a common ground that will market these products to the world.  With NE Origins, we pledge to do exactly that! Bring the entire Northeast of India and all its homegrown sellers and their searches to an accessible organised halt with NE Origins.

The pandemic has taken a toll on everyone and especially small businesses all over the world (can’t be emphasized enough). The parent company NE Taxi was hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the employees of the company were going to lose their jobs. This is when we started pivoting and brainstorming ideas. The constant pivoting helped us come up with an idea that was going to save us. With NE Origins, we were able to retain the company, the business, and our jobs and at the same time the jobs of hundreds of people working for small businesses throughout the north east.

We have gathered over artisans, farmers, SHGs, cottage industries and entrepreneurs of the north east, each state, each city, and provided roof to their products on our website @ www.neorigins.com. The versatile ranges of products that are made from the NER, by the north eastern people and for the entire world, are sure to capture many hearts. Especially for those who live for quality products, we have handpicked every brand every product to bring you nothing but the best in terms of quality and diversity.

Our website features exciting varieties of Teas from all the states of the North East India that is famous for teas, we have exciting pickles both for the vegetarian and the non-vegetarian communities and people, we have 100% herbal products to pamper the skin and we have an assortment of uniquely flavoured chocolates amongst the other things we have on our site, ready to be bought!

NE Origins is an online marketplace for people who have a heart for the North east of India, those who miss their homes staying away from home, who have a knack for beautiful north eastern patterns and fabrics, silks and woollens.

The website has already been launched and the launching sale on the website will start on the 17th July 2020 and there are a lot of benefits for all! On our site one will be able to avail 10% discount on all products listed on our site!

For our sellers, we offer the registration of their company and products absolutely free of cost, the listing of their products on the website is completely free of cost as of now, and there are no annual fees/ charges whatsoever. This makes it a simple process for the sellers to register on our website.  Our site is open to companies and brands that belong solely to the North east of India and are run by people from the North east Regions.

Team leader Shreya Upreti says:

“Not much recognition is given to north-eastern entrepreneurs and the wonderful products they make

So we have taken this initiative to introduce north-east globally and help small scale entrepreneurs by providing them a platform to list their products so that buyers all over India can know about them and the amazing products they make

We are trying to help such entrepreneurs because we know how talented these entrepreneurs are and the hard work and pain they go through to build such products and because they do not have a platform to sell such products they get demotivated and frustrated.

So we are trying to help them to have a global recognition of their ventures and products.

I know that it will take few more months for the business to flow in the manner we want it to flow but after months of hard work and progress we would build a market no one can touch”

We are welcoming all the potential products within the North East of India, to come forward and join us in this initiative. Our endeavour is to give the north east of India, the recognition that was long due, and a strong economical backbone in the times of this pandemic.  We pledge to stand strong and stand united in the face of these uncertain times and work for the welfare of our people, businesses and our states.

Be sure to be a part of the history in the making with NE Origins and visit our website launch sale on the 17th of July 2020.

Together let’s take Northeast to the world !

Website: www.neorigins.com

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.neoorigins.app

iOS: https://apps.apple.com/in/app/ne-origins/id1522298783

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