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Naveen Sandhu shares his unforgettable experience shooting in Manipur


The rise of the OTT platforms and easy access to youtube, regional cinema and Music Video from Northeast is gaining popularity among viewers outside the region. Many filmmakers are showing interest in venturing into North East India and even the filmmakers from the region thrived to bridge the gap of disconnection. And social media plays a vital role in reaching the masses. Many artists and influencers from North East India have gained fans across the nation.

Actor Naveen Sandhu has been following Manipuri artists and their music videos since his college days. His interest in collaborating with artists from Manipur has grown over the years and it has come to reality. Naveen has collaborated with Jeson G, the multifaceted filmmaker of Manipur for a travel music video Roll The Dice, sung by the talented Vocalist and songwriter Kishore Ningthoujam. The music video is produced by Cicada Film Production & Rj Star Production in collaboration with Easemytrip, a leading travel company in India.

Naveen says, “I have always looked forward to discovering the unexplored. Jeson’s music videos give me a sense of serenity and pureness about the people and the culture of Manipur. So, I didn’t shy away from approaching Jeson for work. It was pure artistic intention and the thrive of artists from Manipur shares the same feeling. And thanks to my colleague and a very dear friend, Bijou Thaangjam & Rj, who helped us to build the Bridge of this disconnection.”

He adds, “Words will always fall short if I have to describe how welcoming and friendly are the people of Manipur. I have never felt the warmth and comfort in any of the places I travelled. The welcome I got at the airport on my first visit was special and made me feel like homecoming. I experienced so much beauty, so much love from people, so much character and diversity of our country, that it will always remain a special trip that helped me discover more about my beautiful country.”

Talking about beautiful memories touring and shooting for Roll The Dice in Manipur, Naveen says “After Haryana, I have found my second Home in Manipur. I have returned to Mumbai with memories that are so personal and overwhelming. I’m grateful that I could shoot Roll The Dice in many unexplored scenic locations. It’s a blessing to do another project besides Roll The Dice. I have just completed shooting a Manipuri Film Lembi Leima . Shooting for the first time in Manipur and I didn’t anticipate the love I would get from the lovely people.”

He adds, “What I cherish the most is the warmth I got from the family of the homestay. It was truly special to meet them and soak in their love. I got to spend quality time with the family who hosted and we made beautiful memories together. It was special and I loved every bit of the serene, rejuvenating stay.”

The actor hopes to visit Manipur again, soon! “Just the thought of Manipur makes me tremendously nostalgic and it is beckoning me to come back soon. Hopefully, I will manage a quick trip,” he says. Apart from Roll The Dice and Lembi Leima, there are other projects from Manipur in the pipeline.

He signed off by saying “Khurumjari Manipur! Ei Manipuri ne, Manipur yaam phajei.”

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