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Grooming potters of Andro towards excellence!


Craft and Social Development organisation Kongba has so far given training on pottery work to 20 self-help group including 11 SHG from Andro. A self-help group comprises of ten to thirteen members. The centre has also helped in imparting training and design workshop, skill up gradation, health insurance to the potters who have the capacity to earn Rs 3000 at the minimum per month from their pottery work.

The organisation has a spacious office at Andro, walking distance from the new park with pond. It is often used as the place to display the pottery work and most of the training takes place here.

Recently the centre has produced two State awardees with a winning cash prize of Rupees 20,000 each. The Awardee are Ayekpam Naobi Leima and Khema Devi also another four persons winning inspiration awards. Andro pottery work has its own speciality.

Items of the Andro pottery work varies from flower base, saving pot (piggy bank), decorative items, kettle, kharung pot, to dummy of animal and birds etc.

The centre was established two years ago starting on July 2011.

Presently 10 people are getting trained from the above awardee under Guru Siksha Param Para with Ministry of textiles, GOI, Development commission handicraft funding. The trainees are given a stipend of Rs 1 to 2 thousand at the end of the training session. 

Market – at the mela stall, street shop during festival time, ordered items, show room at Kongba bazar, Andro Tourists Park where street vendor display the pottery works etc.





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