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1 Film, 13 Best Awards: ‘ Yaiskul Pakhang Angouba receives monumental achievement


It was the concluding evening of 8th State Film Festival and a moment of silence struck inside the MFDC’s auditorium, but the peoples inside the auditorium breaks into wild applauses when judges made the officials announcement for awards with ‘Yaikul Pakhang Angaoba’ garnering a monumental achievement  with 13 Awards this year.

This year, ‘Yaiskul Pakhang Angaouba’ directed by Homen D’ Wai has created a bold mark in the history of state film festival, by becoming the first Manipuri film (feature) receiving 13 Awards at one time. Among the long list of the film nominated this year, ‘ ‘Yaikul Pakhang Angaoba’  receives the best awards for Best Singer (Male),  Best Music, Best Direction, Best Screenplay; Best Story; Best Editor; Best Audiography; Best Male Actor; best female Actress; best Make-up and Best costume and Best Lyricist and Best Film of the year.

Homen D’ Wai, who’s the director, scriptwriter, Lyricist of the film who received four Awards. While during a quick chat with him he said to Manipur Times, “though the script was written by myself, the gleefulness about our team is that we cross-shared the suggestions during its improvisation, even the actor (Bony) itself has given an immense contribution.”

Homen D’ Wai who scripted the backbones of the story further said, “I feel extremely happy. I’ve nominated my other films two, three times in such festival, but it’s my first time to get an award which is also four different awards in once”. D’ Waiwho receives awards for Best Director, Best Screenplay; Best Lyrics and Best Film further said to MT, “it seems my hard efforts and works has now received a positive response.” D’wai develops his interest in film since from his high school periods and he started joining the film as a careers since from his early age of 15 and his upcoming film is ‘VDF Thasana’, which is waiting to hit the screen for its release  and ‘Kundo Lei’.

Bonny, who got the awards for best actor for the film, also expressed his happiness to Manipur Times and speaks his heartfelt gratitude to all the cast and crew of the film, for their unique and valuable contribution, where he stated “each one of them shared the challenges in the making of films”. Bony who clad in violet-colour suits, with his fashionable specs, talks candidly with his fans, patrons and individual well-wishers inside the MFDC compound.

Bala Hijam who also got an awards also said, to Manipur Times, “this is a very pleasant moment, I’m feeling really happy, for having this award which is my first time in life.”.


The evening at MFDC, Palace gate was filled with Manipuri actors and actress, filmmakers of Documentary, short and feature and personalities like Tonthoi, Doren Oinam, B Sunzu, O Gautam,and many other distinguished personality were visible inside the MFDC compound after the function. 

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