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How many people from NE States immigrates to Canada – Very Few Why ?


EVERY YEAR 35000 Indians emigrate to Canada;
And 12000 Indian students take world class education at a lower cost in Canada;
Many of these students take the opportunities of work and permanent resident visa generously given by Canadian immigration program often considered the best in the world;
Indians outside India send home 73 Billion US Dollar in a typical year to help their folks back home! This is the world’s highest remittance money! Further, the 25 million Indian diaspora make India a major player in global economy.
How many people from NER take part in this? unfortunately very few.
The states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura produce a lot of talents. While many should stay to serve their motherland, some can go to an advance country like Canada where their talents can blossom. Lack of opportunities in the immediate surrounding should not limit their horizon.
Opportunity hunting abroad can ease the situation of internal economic migration of NER boys and girls to other Indian cities for not-so-rewarding jobs.
Dr. Raj Singh, emigrated to Canada from Manipur 12 years ago. Now, he is positioned to help his people from NER in opportunity hunting in Canada by opening his own immigration consulting company, WiseWorld. 
Dr. Singh is an immigration practitioner licensed and regulated in Canada by ICCRC. WiseWorld can be an immigration consulting company for the NER people when their destination is Canada. Look for the total risk-free offers of the WiseWorld professionals. Contact WiseWorld today for your future. Visitwww.wiseworldimmigration.com.

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