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Imphal School of Music brings you Western Classical Music.


Hi Everyone ! Catch Up ! A matured evening of Western Classical Music by faculties and supporting artists of Imphal School of Music.

13th Feb. evening 5 pm at MFDC and get carried away with the varied notes from the strings and plywoods of the guitar or a melodic violin or the beat of the drum.

Giving you across the globe tune playing on composition from countries like Russia, Cuba, Iran, Hungary,Austria etc. In fact home composition numbers too from the State.

A step towards learning the tradition of music is the call of the organizers as the School of Music in Imphal is opening up a new Unit at Uripok. The event is a part of Imphal School of Music’s concert Calendar. Certificates from Trinity School of Music London will also be distributed to the students who have cleared the exam on that day as the school is a visiting centre of the same organization. 


Few lists of composition to be perform on that day.

“Serenade for the Doll” – this piece comes from a suite of six pieces for the piano called Children’s Corner and is written by Debussy as a dedication to his daughter who was then only three years old. It was meant to capture the impressions of childhood. This Serenade is a musical description of an oriental porcelain doll which belonged to her daughter.

Aribam Uttam Sharma and Kamlesh Khundrakpam will perform the piece.

“Tarantelle” – An interesting belief about the musical/dance form is that the poison from the bite of Tarantelle spider could be driven off from the body if one dances the Tarantella.  

The musical form is characterized by an insistent rhythm at a fast tempo and is composed by Johann Kasper Mertz from Hungary during 1806 – 1856.

“Tarantelle” will be performed by Karnajit Laishram in Imphal.

“Saudade” stands for a deep emotion of loss. It evokes sadness at having experienced what is no more. Saudade as a musical form, in the hands of different composers tries to capture this complex emotion.

“Saudade” is a Portugese / Gallic word which do not have a satisfactory equivalent in English.


Kumarjit Huirem will play on Saudade composed by Roland Dyens of France – Tunisia.

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