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Loophole in BJP Manipur President’s expenditure lists for Narenda Modi’s Rally on 8th Feb 2014.


“ I accept the challenge of Th. Chaoba BJP President Manipur Pradesh. Chaoba’s threat to file a defamation suite of Rs 50 crores to me and my newspaper is just not a personnel matter. I think it is a personnel threat to all media fraternity in Manipur”, says Yambem Laba Correspondent of The Statesman in a press meet held today at JYC Paona Bazar.

Earlier ‘The Statesman had carried a news on Thounaojam Chaoba President BJP Manipur where the former was asked to return a sum of Rs 1 crore in a letter allegedly written by Damayanti wife of Sekherjit the removed Director of RIMS. The letter gave a clue as the wife mentioned the purpose of giving Rs 1 crore (in order to forestall the impeachment move and the CBI raids).

The journalists also charged the politician of robbing lakhs of Rupees from BJP party fund during Narendra Modi’s last visit in Manipur.

A lists of doubts found out from the expenditure lists which Th Chaoba has submitted to Ramlal National General Secretary (Orgn.) is as below. The questioned after a slash mark is being raised by Yambem Laba during the Press Meet.

A) Expenditure for removal of waste = Rs 2 lakhs / How could one spend Rs two lakh for cleaning a lampak (green field).

B) Construction of Road (300 meteres) from Helipad to Venue (Hill cutting, singling, BMW) = Rs 2 Lakh / The distance is hardly 50 metres.

C) Drinking Water for the gathering = Rs 50,000 / There was no supply of water.

D) Sitting arrangement (50,000 Chair, carpets & Mats for 50,000 People) = Rs 6 lakhs / even if we gather chairs from all the tent houses in Manipur it will never reach 50 thousand numbers

E) Hiring of two brand TATA SAFARI STROM for VIP convoy ( Rs 4500 x 2 days x 2 vehicles) = Rs 18,000 / No vehicle was hired

F) Gate (Main Gate Airport & Main Entrance Gate at Venue = Rs 1,65,000 x 2 gates) Five Gates along the main route from Airport to Venue Rs 1,15,000 x 5 gates) = Rs 16 Lakhs fifty thousand / the gates were constructed by BJP candidates of the last general elections at their respective jurisdictions not from party fund Chaoba took.

G) Festoon for all District Mandals Meeting Place and head office.= Rs 4lakh four thousand five hundred / a single location is given where are the rest of the location for festoon.

H) Production of a documentary film of 90 minutes base on Shri Narendra Modi Ji’s Imphal Rally / Where is the film ?


More details could be seen in the uploaded Photos of the expenditure lists

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