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Manipur Earthquake – Quick Updates


17th January 2016

Construction of temporary market sheds on the roadside of Thangal bazaar from near Ima Keithel to the Kasturi bridge as an alternative market for the woman vendors, until repairing and correction work of the two Ima keithels is over, came to a grinding halt when MLA of Thangmeiband Assembly Constituency intervened. The laborers stopped working and the GI sheet and plastic walls erected on the roadside for construction of the market sheds had been forcibly removed. MLA Joykishan came to the site of the construction of the temporary market sheds, which fall in the jurisdiction of his constituency, and asked who is constructing the market sheds and under whose authority. A man who is said to be the contractor of the work said, the work was being executed under the instruction of the Chief Engineer and Superintending Engineer of PWD and being supervised by Assistant Engineer Uttam. Then when the MLA asked the engineers concerned on phone, the engineers said that under the instruction of the Chief Minister, the work was being executed on a war footing without awarding work order and calling tender. Then the MLA stopped the work saying that it could not be continued. Many shop keepers and woman vendors who were present there thanked MLA Joykishan for his bold action. The MLA further said that nothing can be done at will in a haphazard manner overriding proper channels. If the work is continued further, he would take legal help and make the engineers concerned face the music, he said.

Courtesy: ISTV SuDesh


15th January 2016

Aftermath of the 6.7 Richter magnitude earthquake that hits Manipur on 4th January, 2016, many are left homeless and feel unsafe to return and resettle in their own houses. The Earthquake trimmers has developed crack in most of the houses in terms of Pucca and Kucha houses, some of the houses have been shifted from the base and the mud patches have come out from the wall, while few of the walls have fallen down. The standing structure with partial damage is most unsafe and likely to get fully damage with an aftershock or in case of rains.Most of the structures are more vulnerable to take shelter within and these houses are at more risk to rain, cold, mosquito, darkness and snake bites.

– Shelter and Non-Foods items
(Tarpaulin sheets, Floor mates, Kitchen Utensils, Emergency Solar Lamps, Hygiene
kits and Dignity Kits)
– Foods
– Earthquake resilient Shelter for completely damaged houses.
– Trauma counseling/ psychological support ( medicines and Doctors)
– Temporary Toilets.

Courtesy: IAGs-Manipur and Sphere India


12th January 2016

District wise Damage Update


The Joint Rapid Needs Assessment (JRNA) Report on Manipur Earthquake 2016 is out and available through the below link:

Sphere India in Emergency: Link: https://sphereindiablog.wordpress.com/…/10-01-2016-joint-r…/

Courtesy: IAGs Manipur and Sphere India12507094_449027195222112_219339973074699866_n

11th January 2016

All Manipur United Club’s Organisation (AMUCO) has accused the hill MLAs of misappropriating funds meant for the welfare of the tribal people. The organisation visited Taningjam in Tousem sub-division in Tamenglong district after the earthquake and provided help to the people of the interior village and discussed their grievances. The aid included food items and other essential commodities. The aid was a part of the program of the organisation which has been working towards strengthening the bond among the various communities living in the state.

The 6 member team of AMUCO included Vice President W Gonendro, Secy. Publicity, Sanabam Jameskumar, and former General Secretary NC Modhuchandra. They held a meeting with the villagers in presence of the chairman of Taningjam Village Authority, TR Ringthining.

AMUCO Vice President W Gonendro alleged that funds sanctioned by the Centre and State govt for the welfare of the Tribal people have been misappropriated by the hill MLAs. He said this has created a rift between the hill sand the valley.

Courtesy: Impact TV


11th January 2016

Present status of Ima Market after the Ima Market was badly damaged by recent earthquake on January 4, 2016.

Courtesy : Istv SuDesh


10th January 2016

Update from IAGs-Manipur and Sphere India

Number of persons killed : 8
Number of causality : 302
Number of damaged houses : over 2000 in Tamenglong, Imphal West and Senapati districts

9th January 2016

Professor, Y. Yogendra Singh, Department of Earthquake Engineering, IIT Roorkee, on Thursday stated that the structure of Luxmi Market and New Market is dangerous but retrofitting the structure especially the columns can make them safe for use. Speaking to media after inspecting the condition of Ema Market Thursday afternoon Yogendra Singh said prohibition of entry to the two market sheds by the Govt is a right step.
Experts from IIT Roorkee, Dr. Y. Yogendra Singh, Dr. Manish Srikande and Dr. B.K. Maheshwari were accompanied by Works Minister Dr Kh Ratankumar. The team not only took pictures of the damaged columns but also inspected the condition of the basement and the first floor of the two markets. The inspection was a preliminary one, the team will also analyse the architectural drawing and see what can be done to repair the two markets.
Another team of four experts led by Director of IIT Jodhpur and Senior Engineer of National Building Construction Corporation which constructed the two markets will also visit Imphal on the 9th of this month.

Source: Impact TV


8th January 2016

New streams have been erupted at Kabui Kullen Longmai part 2 after the
earthquake occurred on early morning of January 4, 2016.

Courtesy : Dih Cham (The Tamenglong Times)

7th January 2016

Chief Secretary of Manipur, O Nabakishore has informed that a sum of two crore rupees will be released soon to help the people affected by the devastating earthquake of January 4. The amount will be first utilised in the four most affected districts of the State. For that, 50 lakh rupees each will be handed over to the deputy commissioners of the four districts. The Chief Secretary, who had come to attend the 41st Foundation Day of Manipur Press Club earlier today, informed this while talking to media persons at Manipur Press Club. He further mentioned that a written request has been made to the Centre to release twenty crore rupees to help the quake affected people. On the other hand, it will take at least four more days in restoring the power supply which was also affected by the severe quake. Moreover, a team of four officials of the National Disaster Management Authority will arrive at Imphal on January 9 to assess the damages of the buildings of the two Ima markets at Khwairamband Keithel, he assured.

Courtesy: ISTV Istv SuDesh

6th January 2016

Vehicular movement was normal in the state capital today. Telecom services have been fully restored and operational. Teams of rescuers from National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), were engaged in clearing the debris and looking for survivors trapped under heaps of rubble. Sensitization trainings on Joint Rapid Needs Assessment (JRNA) tools and KoboCollect Application conducted at Disaster Management Institute (DMI), Imphal on
Manipur earthquake. Representation from State Government and IAG Manipur participated.

Response by Government
– A Central medical team comprising orthopedics, surgeons, anesthesiologist and other technicians has also been deputed to Manipur to assist with the treatment of injured people in worst affected districts of Manipur.
– To assess the safety of partially damaged public buildings and advise the state government on issues related to repair and retrofitting of these structures, the National Disaster Management Authority is deploying a team of experts.

Response by Humanitarian Agencies
– Sensitization trainings on Joint Rapid Needs Assessment (JRNA) tools and
Kobocollect App conducted today i.e 6th January, 2015 at Disaster Management
Institute (DMI), Imphal in closed coordination with Relief & Disaster ManagementDepartment, Government of Manipur; Civil Defence, SDRF, IAGs-Manipur and Sphere India which was attended by 10 government officials and 15 persons from IAGs-Manipur.
– 4 villages each from worst affected districts of Manipur – Tamenglong, Senapati and Imphal were identified in closed coordination with concerned Deputy Commissioners
for carrying out field assessment under JRNA.
– 5 Teams is moving to 3 worst affected districts for the JRNA exercise using technology (Mobile Application @ KoBocollect)
– IAGs-Manipur and Sphere India is closely monitoring the situation in coordination withstate government and districts administration.

– Temporary shelter for completely damaged houses.
– Trauma counseling/ psychological support.
– Emergency Solar Lamps.
– Temporary Toilets.
– Medicines.

6th January 2016

Volunteers of Flood Relief Manipur visited earthquake affected families of Leimakhong

Manipur Flood relief volunteers after their recent remarkable relief contribution toward Manipur Flood, the team start their effort to help the earthquake affected families. They have visited affected families at Leimakhong and distributed food relief suplies consisting of rice, dal, oil etc. Here is number of families

1. 20 families of Ex servicemen colony
2. 4 families of Kanto Sabal
3. 4 families of Chingmaang
4. 1 family of Premnagar

The team also visited a family who lost a 19 yr old girl at P. moulding Part 1 village. There was another family from Premnagar who lost their grandmother and a 12 yr old girl.

Most of the damaged houses are those built with only mud blocks, with no bamboo or metal skeleton. Family members are living in temporary tents, tin shelters as the houses are now unsafe to live inside.

6th January 2016

– Works Minister Ratankumar said that NBCC responsible for the damage of Ima Market
– BJP Manipur demands CM to resign on moral ground
– A team of health directorate and National health mission reached out to affected villages of Senapati district with relief supplies
– BJP MLA Th. Bishwajit visited Noney and met earthquake affected people.

Source: Impact TV

5th January 2016 evening

Meeting with Secretary Relief & Disaster Management Department, Govt of Manipur it was confirmed that 8 death and 106 causalities have been reported by concerned Deputy Commissioners, It was further appraise four most districts affected — Imphal (East), Imphal (West), Tamenglong and Senapati as on on 5th January, 2016 in terms of property damagereported.


– The government announced a general holiday for the next two days except
essential services, healthcare and police.

-65-member team of NDRF arrived in Imphal on Monday. NDRF team despatched to Noney in Tamenglong district, the epicentre of the quake. Another team is now based in Imphal so that it can rush to any area in case of any eventuality,

– School buildings have been identified as temporary hospitals and relief camps, if
the need arose as possible aftershocks might occur any time.

– A team of engineers from Power Grid Corporation sent to Imphal to assist the state government in restoration of power.

– Eessential medicines and medical kits have been procured and despatched by the state government to all district headquarters and to Moreh bordering Myanmar and Jiribam bordering Assam.

Humanitarian Response:

– 2nd telecon was taken up by the IAC committee members of the Sphere India today to take stock of current situation and discuss next course of action on post Manipur Earthquake situation.

– IAGs-Manipur has call for an Earthquake Emergency coordination Meeting at DSSS Imphal today. The coordination meetings was attended by World Vision India, CASA, ADRA, Oxfam India, IGSSS, PRDA, UNV, Sphere India, Helping Hands Manipur to assess the situation update, URS and further strategy & timeline on JRNA .

– Sensitization training on JRNA tools and Kobo App on Manipur Earthquake have
been scheduled on 6th January at DMI, Imphal which will be participate by state
government officials.

– IAGs-Manipur and Sphere India is closely monitoring the situation in coordination withstate government and districts administration.





1:00 pm IST, 5th January 2016

Kabui Khulen part 1 is badly affected by the earthquake occurred yesterday early morning. More than 50 percent of the houses are damaged (about 30 houses of ~150 family members ). As the condition of these houses are not advisable to stay inside, people of affected houses are taking shelter at thier neighbor’s houses.

Local MLA Janghemlung Panmei’s personal assistant visited the village yesterday to check the ground situation.

So far no media houses or NGOs have visited this severely affected village.

In a telephonic conversation with the village secretary BT Acham, he mentioned the need of houses to be repaired or reconstructed. Although there is no acute shortage of food and water at this hour, it may be an issue if the villagers can’t go out for work. They depend on Noney market for their daily needs. Warm clothes, medical and health relief supplies are crucial at this moment as people are living in cold weather.

At this time three catholic church members visted the village to inquire the needs of the villagers.

Photo courtesy : Kinshaba Riamroi

11:00 am IST, January 5 2016

Damages houses due to earthquake yesterday at Motbung and Chalbung villages, Sadar Hills, Manipur

Relief materials (tarpaulin and water tank) kindly supplied by Senapati Police Station are carried using a truck by a Motbung local volunteer called Raja Misao.

Courtesy : Raja Misoa

January 5, 2016

Leimakhong church and Kangchup Makhong Kuki Village church are badly damaged due earthquake occurred yesterday early morning.

Photo Courtesy : FACEBOOK

Disclaimer: MT doesn’t hold copyright of these photos.

7:00 am IST, January 5, 2016

– In Tousem Khullen Village, 20 houses completely damaged and 1 women severely injured. Basic first aid given.
– Surrounding Village of Tousem Khullen including Mandiu, Aben and Thoklong, about 50 houses damaged.
– The important bridge which connects Tamenglong and Tousem in between Tamenglong Khunjao and Namthilog which is known as Barak Bridge (not jiri road barak bridge but same name) severely damaged and cracked. No heavy vehicles can’t pass.
– Another bridge which connects Namthilog and Tousem in Makru river cracked.
– In Nungba Headquarter, about 14 mud houses collapsed.
– Government SDPO office of Nungba Sub- Division collapsed including the residents of Nungba Police OC. The Police OC is searching for a temporary place to stay very urgently.
– In Singra near Kabui Khullen Village, one house completely damaged. Children stayed in the house luckily safe.
– The road between Tamenglong and Khong sang Village in between Kaikao and Sanrupang Village has broken with 2 inches gap about 10 metres long.
– Unconfirmed reports made that Kaikao village also severely damaged due to the recent earthquake of Manipur.

Reports from Epicenter of the Manipur Massive Earthquake by Youth Disaster Response Team Manipur, a unit of Club25 International Manipur.

735145_446929055431926_7705819030804113280_n (1)




6:15 am IST, January 5 2016

2 companies of NDRF Rescue and relief team finally arrived at Kabui Kullen area. A team of 83 rescuers of National Disaster Relief Force was airlifted from Gawahati to Imphal yesterday.

Courtesy : Kanarjit Kangujam






January 5, 2015

The epicenter point is about 7 km from Noney bazaar. Kabui khullen villagers are unable to move to hospitals due to lack of transportation. Basic first aid and generic medicines required. About 50 houses felt down. Large cracks are visible on road. A bank , a church, community halls are found to have cracked walls.

No media (local and national), medical helps, relief items, etc. are not reaching anything yet.
The victims families are still waiting for the medical and relief materials.

Courtesy : Kanarjit Kangujam, Kinshaba Raimroi, B. p. Singh presently at Earthquake epicentre

10:00 pm IST, January 4, 2016

Hours after an earthquake hit Northeast India, Home Minister Rajnath Singh said the government is actively monitoring the situation after the earthquake in the Northeastern region. NDRF teams, have been rushed to the affected areas.

At least nine persons were killed and over 100 injured as a strong 6.8 magnitude earthquake epicentred in Manipur on Monday struck the northeastern and eastern regions, damaging buildings and sparking panic that sent people scampering out of their homes.

A team of National Disaster Relief Force (NDRF) has reached here with relief materials this morning and another team is expected soon, official sources said.

Power supply to Imphal city has been disrupted and some power installations have suffered damage, an official statement said after Cabinet Secretary P K Sinha held a meeting of the National Crisis Management Committee (NCMC) this morning

The PM also spoke to Manipur Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh and other chief ministers in the region to take stock of the situation.

Source:  The Indian Express

7:30 pm IST, January 4, 2016

Prime Minister Narendra Modi twitted – Manipur CM Shri Okram Ibobi Singh and I had a telephone conversation. We discussed the post-earthquake situation in Manipur & Northeast.

7:00 pm IST, January 4, 2016 

Shija Hospitals and Raj Medicity will provide free medical treatment to those who are injured during earthquake. Shija Hospitals has kept 20 beds while Raj Medicity, 4 beds reserved for earthquake related patients.

6:30 pm IST, January 4, 2016

Rs 5 Lakh ex-gratia for death, Free treatment for injuries, Schools to remain close for 7 days

Speaking at a press conference held after the cabinet meeting, Govt spokesperson Minister Moirangthem Okendra said as a preventive measure of the possible aftershocks all educational institutions in the state will remain close for one week staring Monday.

Minister Okendra also maintained that ex-gratia of Rs 5 Lakh each will be given to the kin of deceased persons and govt will bear the expenses for the injured persons.

Source: Impact TV


5:30 pm IST, January 4, 2016

Kiren Rijiju, union minister of state for home affairs, visited areas in Manipur that were affected by Monday’s earthquake. Rijiju took stock of the ground situation and assessed the damage caused by the 6.7 magnitude quake which had its epicenter in Manipur’s Tamenglong district.

Accompanied by Jitendra Singh, minister of state in Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), Rijiju also met Manipur chief minister Okram Ibobi Singh.
According to latest reports, as many as nine people lost their lives in the earthquake while another 100 were injured in Manipur alone.
There has been large scale damage in Imphal with many houses reporting huge cracks. Walls of many building have also collapsed.

Source: Times of India


4:00 pm IST, January 4, 2016

More damage images from

Church building at Kangchup in Sadar Hills, CMC Koireingei Nursing Hostel, Saikul Bazar

Source: State IAGs Manipur

2:30 pm IST, January 4, 2016 

Shija Hospitals and Raj Medicity will provide free medical treatment to those who are injured during earthquake. Shija Hospitals has kept 20 beds while Raj Medicity, 4 beds reserved for earthquake related patients.


2:30 pm IST, January 4, 2016

Update from Noney

The Epicenter is around Noney of Tamelong District.

The roads in the hills of Kubui Khelum is damaged due to landslide. About 8 houses and the Church is also damaged.

There are no major damage at Tamenglong town as there are very few concrete structures.

At Bhalok 7 mud wall of houses were damaged. Landslide at various points on Bhalok – Tamenglong, Bhalok – Noney Road are reported.

Cracks have formed in many concrete structures in the area.

Few old wooden houses are also damaged.

At Noney 4 people are admitted in Hospital with injuries.

A bridge for two wheeler at Heirok is damaged.

Many Mobile towers and electric post are damaged at Hiily region near Noney.

These information were shared by Mr. Poujan Gonmei – +918974513349, Mr. Tulian of Bhalok – +919612218537, Mr. Mandir +919856427633 and Salwan Khumba +919862824423.

Courtesy : Sphere India.

11:00 am IST, January 4, 2016

Canara Bank Building located at MG Avenue, Thangal Bazar, Imphal is found to be tilted significantly aftermath of Manipur Earthquake.


10:45 am IST, January 4, 2016

Minuthong bridge has developed a crack in the middle of the bridge. There is also crack on the eastern side of the bridge. This bridge will remain closed until further announcement.

10:30 am IST, January 4, 2016

Broken wall, pillar and staircase, foundation cracks, tilted roof are main damages observed at Ima Eithel, Imphal


10:00 am IST, January 4, 2016

More damages images from Dewlahland, Imphal West

House Owner : S Aruna, Dewlahland Kabo Leikai


9:30 am IST, January 4, 2016

More damages images from Dewlahland, Imphal West

Declaration: Reported by the Manipurtimes (MT) subscribers and members as comment at Manipurtimes facebook page and group. MT doesn’t hold any copyright.


8:20 am IST, January 4, 2016

Air Imphal news confirmed 2 deaths as of now.

Manipur Earthquake Update – USGS Shakemap : Manipur

The tremor hit at 4:35 am (2305 GMT Sunday) 29 kilometres (18 miles) west-northwest of the city of Imphal, capital of Manipur state, USGS said, revising down its earlier measurement of 6.8.

In its initial impact assessment, USGS said “some casualties and damage are possible and the impact should be relatively localised”


7:00 am IST, January 4, 2016

Images from VDF camp, Lamphel, Imphal Hospital outside, Dewlahland, Government Polytechnic, Imphal

Declaration: Reported by the Manipurtimes (MT) subscribers and members as comment at Manipurtimes facebook page and group. MT doesn’t hold any copyright.


7:15 am IST, January 4, 2016

Manipur Government emergency number : fire service no 101, police control room 2450214 for urgent needs.

Kangujam Ibotombi expired and his wife got injured while his kaccha building collapses due to today’s earthquake.

Location: Tabungkhok Awang Leikai, Imphal West

Source: IAG- Manipur (PRDA)

More damage images

Declaration: Reported by the Manipurtimes (MT) subscribers and members as comment at Manipurtimes facebook page and group. MT doesn’t hold any copyright.


6:15 am IST, January 4, 2016

Broken wall and pillar at Ima Keithel, RIMS quarter, individual houses, damages at Dewlahland and Motbung area are reported. However no casualties are reported so far.

Declaration: Reported by the Manipurtimes (MT) subscribers and members as comment at Manipurtimes facebook page and group. MT doesn’t hold any copyright.


5:20 am IST, January 4, 2016

An earthquake measuring 6.8 struck northwest of Imphal in India, near the Myanmar border, on Monday, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

The USGS said the quake was 57 kms (35 miles) deep, and initially reported it had struck inside Myanmar.

Courtesy : Reuters



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