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Manipur University Tribal Students’ Union – JOINT PRESS RELEASE


August 3, 2014, Imphal: The Manipur University Tribal Students’ Union (MUTSU) and Indira Gandhi National Tribal University(IGNTU), Regional Campus Manipur(RCM) would like to express its full support for the Communiqué sent by Manipur University vide its Letter No. MU/6/14/2008/Admin.I, dated 23rd July 2014 to the Secretary of the Governor of Manipur regarding the approval and recommendation of implementation of the Central Educational Institutions (Reservation in Admission) Amendment Act, 2012 with special reference to clause- (ia) in section 2.

Hitherto the conversion of Manipur University (MU) from a State University to a Central University, the Admission reservation policy for Scheduled Tribes (ST) was 34% as per the state government norm. However, the reservation for STs in admission came down to a paltry 7.5 % after conversion of the State University to a Central University. Ever since, the tribal students have been requesting both the state and Central Government to review and rectify this imbalance. We thank the State Government for eventually taking due cognizance of these requests and taking due and appropriate steps for empowerment of the tribal peoples.

That, it should be remembered while the interest of the Scheduled Caste (SC), General and Other Backward Classes (OBC) are served at the cost of the STs in the state, the Clause (ia) of Section 2 “specific north eastern region” means the area comprising of the States of Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, Tripura and the tribal areas of Assam referred to in the Sixth Schedule to the Constitution” seems to be alright and not even a single voice raised against this. On this premise, MUTSU & IGNTU are constrained to ask where all this talk about justice was during all those years the ST students at the University got just 7.5 reservations and reeling under acute discriminations and deprivations. Justice is never one-sided but inclusive and impartial. For the tribal students, it is very encouraging and truly appreciates this evidence of justice still prevailing amidst a pervasive belief that justice is on the wane in the state of Manipur.

The STs being a minority in the state of Manipur and the majority population being well-known for their sincere appreciation of “Chingtam Amatani”, we request a rational and introspective analysis of the dynamics mentioned. Given this, we further request a genuine solidarity for the cause of the minority tribals in the state and not just empty rhetoric.

That, we strongly urge the Manipur University authorities to implement the recommendation Central Educational Institutions (Reservation in Admission) Amendment Act, 2012 at the earliest as already approved and to conduct the admission entrance test as per scheduled.                                                           

 (Lh. Seitinthang)                                                                                           

 President (MUTSU)                                                                          

(Manglien Gangte)


President (IGNTU)

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