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Manipuri flavour: Aingbi Ice Cream


The calm weather of February and March has just bade adieu and we are ready to wrestle with the warm condition of April and May before we are rescued by the rains of June and July. Cotton tops, shorts, chappals, trendy goggles and powerful sunscreen etc will soon become hot talks. But one new thing that is set to steal the show this summer is Aingbi Ice Cream, a new local ice cream brand.

Being run by Manipur Milk Producers Co-Operative Union Limited with the financial assistance from National Diary Development Board, Government of India, Aingbi Ice Cream Ltd is the manufacturer of the new brand.

As such, Aingbi Ice-Cream Ltd is primarily a Government undertaking company. Aingbi was launched on 11th February, this year. It is said to have received good commercial response from the first day itself. Many have shown interest in dealership.

Although, the supply is quite limited as it was launched with a modest production capacity catered by a limited number of domestic workers, Aingbi is putting in effort to enhance its production, service and expand the market.

Processing Plant In-charge, N.Tiken said, there are only three dealers so far. For the time being, everything is quite limited but will be expanded to the fullest soon.

Aingbi Ice Cream Ltd is targeting to save the money which is being drained away from the State since past many years.  It also aims at catering affordable but quality product to the people of the State.

In a way, Aingbi is trustable as it is hygienic in the sense that it does not go through much of transportation and other processes as it is manufactured in Manipur.

Dealt initially with pasteurized milk production, the team of Aingbi now produce ice cream of different flavours like vanilla, strawberry, kaju-kishmish and tutti-fruity.

Moreover, the company is planning to add more flavors like chocobar, dahi and others etc.

In ice candy, Aingbi has orange, mango and lemon favours with orange being the most demanded flavor in Manipur.

Products and costs

50 ml. – Rs. 8

50 ml. with nut – Rs. 13

100 ml. – Rs. 16

100 ml. with nut – Rs 26

1litre Party Pack – Rs 140

1litre with nut – Rs 220 and

Ice-candy – Rs 10.


Aingbi is planning to flood the market of Manipur with its products so that there is no need for import of other brands from outside Manipur.

Aingbi has three wholesalers. Among three priority dealers they have two dealers in Imphal West and one in Imphal East.

The manufacturing plant so far can produce only up-to 2000 cups of ice cream per day against their target and requirement of 3500 cups per day.   


Photo Credit: Manipurtimes

There are five staff workers in the factory. The recently launched factory could produce and sell 41,000 cups so far from the day it launched and that seems the demand for ice cream in the market is really high. Expansion in order to fulfil the demand has become a challenge for the newly launched brand.


N Tiken said, “The climate in the summer here is warm like other places; people usually go for cold items to cool themselves and I think ice-cream is perfectly the best so I think the market will be good here in our state too; it is perfect season to start now.”

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