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MNP demands domicile and Manipuri in fresh notification of MCS Exam 2015


MNP (Meitei Nationalist Party) strongly warns Manipur Public Service Commission for making a mockery of the people and unemployed youths of Manipur by allowing almost 50% of its applicants who are from outside the state of Manipur to sit for MCS (Manipur Civil Services) 2015 Preliminary Examination. MNP asserts that MPSC must scrap and announce the already notified Manipur Civil Services Examination 2015 null and void, and in place of it the Commission must give a new notification afresh for the same examination. MNP demands that the MCS 2015 examination under the new notification of MCS 2015 must be held within 2 (two) months of the announcement of the new notification by replacing and deleting the old notification.

MPSC Advertisement No. 5/2015 [No. 7/6/2015 – MPSC (DR)] that concerns with MCS Examination 2015 must be declared null and void with immediate effect. If MPSC does not heed to the warning of Meitei Nationalist Party, then both the state government of Manipur and Central government of India must be held responsible for any uncalled eventuality which will arise in Manipur and all over the country.

The Founding President of MNP, B. Angousana Sharma asserts, “To sit for Provincial/State civil services in states like West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, etc. the paper of their respective state language is a must to pass. Therefore, MPSC must include Manipuri as a compulsory paper to pass in MCS examination. MNP seriously demands a mandatory condition of domicile in Manipur as an essential condition to sit for MCS preliminary examination. MPSC should remain as Manipur Public Service Commission and not as Non-Manipur Public Service Commission. MPSC must restrict any outsider from appearing in any examination conducted by MPSC now and in future. MPSC must give first and only preference to the domiciled youths of Manipur.”

Angousana further warns, “If MPSC does not include the two mandatory conditions – (i) Domicile of Manipur in Preliminary examination in its online/offline form application submission & (ii) Manipuri Language to pass in Main Examination, then MNP and its national students’ wing MNSUI (Meitei Nationalist Students’ Union of India) will go ahead to close MPSC forever from Manipur. The suffering after closing MPSC must be compensated by both Manipur state and Union of India Governments.”

MNSUI (Meitei Nationalist Students’ Union of India) will go for a protest march in New Delhi to demand for the scrapping of MCS 2015 Examination and to advertise a new notification on the examination with the two given mandatory conditions. MNSUI will pursue the case and submit its memorandum to His Excellency, the President of India, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, MoS (Department of Personnel and Training), Governor of Manipur and Chief Minister of Manipur.

MNP with its students’ wing MNSUI will ensure that MCS 2015 is not conducted by MPSC on February 28, 2016 under the existing notification of MPSC Advertisement No. 5/2015 [No. 7/6/2015 – MPSC (DR)]. Under the existing notification, MNP and MNSUI will never allow MPSC to conduct the MCS 2015 examination until a new notification that includes two mandatory conditions cited above comes into existence.

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