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MSF2015 – Thongjao Decorative Pots and Bamboo crafted decorative items at Stall 15


38 years old Indrakumar Salam hailing from Thingjao Awang Leikai is an assistant teacher of English in Science Memorial Academy. Living with a supportive wife and two beautiful children, Indrakumar has the passion to work suitable to his surrounding and to his land and people. A graduate student who got degree in B.Sc. (Biochemistry) in the year 2000 never felt satisfactory without articulating the idea or talent into practical which has been a dream for long.

The best part of his life and talent is being born in Thongjao where he could learn the art of pottery. Thongjao is a village in Thoubal district about 35 km away towards south from district headquarters. The gifted art in him was diverse; he is good in bamboo craft and decorative too. Unfortunately he did not receive any award in his creativity. In the Manipur Sangai Festival he took his best leap to open up a stall displaying his products hopping for more such exposure. The pots’ cost ranging from Rs. 150 to 1500 likewise the bamboo products cost starts from 100 to 1700 in the festival.

He was inspired by his art teacher, oja Tomba from the same village. Conjuring the decorative art to the tradition of the village-pottery making, he did best manifestation of his dream.

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