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Paonam Birjeet – Conquering Koubru Mountain with Mountain Bike


Born at Kwakeithel, son of Paonam Budha Meitei and Paonam ongbi Thingbaijam Premila devi, 21 years old Paonam Birjeet, B. A. first year student of Imphal College, loves being adventure and his most favourite adventure sports is driving Mountain bike to far places. For young and dynamic Birjeet, adventure travelling is life.

With the mind that Koubru Mountain could be one of the attactive tourist destination for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts, he decided to drive / carry on his back mountain bike weighing 15 kilograms to the top of Koubru mountain. It tooks nearly 5 hrs to reach the top from foothill. At times when he is very much tired, his two friends will help to carry the bike tyres just to get rid of burdern for a while.

A team of 7 members went for camping on Koubru mountain top on 22nd January. Birjeet felt like missing his mountain bike living on the top of Mountain. He requested two of his friends coming next day to bring his bike to foothill so that he can bring/ride up it up to the top of the mountain. The joy that Birjeet felt when he arrived to the mountain top with his bike was priceless. He drove around the camping area and finally a team of 9 members came down on 27th January 2016.

This is the first time that a nuture loving adventure enthusiast conquer top ot Koubru Mountain with a bicycle. His said, “there are many such mountains in Manipur where edventure lovers can bike, hike for fun while living peacefully with the nature deep inside the forest and moutain tops”
Koubru mountain hight is 2003 m from sea level and it’s 3rd highest peak in Manipur. It is located near Mayang Imphal, Manipur. This mountain is a holy place for people of Manipur.

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