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Participating organisers of Red Carpet, WOL Media speaks!!


Renuka Soraisam – of WOL – Media shares us few things about what went on behind the scene to bring a grand event for the public.

Organizing Red Carpet has been one of the most challenging tasks of our firm. In the beginning it was just an idea and slowly it took form into a plan. We had to start from bits and pieces. Every task was a new and exciting experience for us. Starting from making a small poster to making it all the way to MFDC has been an enjoying but not so smooth journey.

We are a very small firm with a very few people in our team so far. So each member had to work out of their comfort zone and taking up any kind of task they were given. Overall the efforts and the dedication that has been put into by our team members is the result of making it a success. We do of course know that there has been some loopholes here and there and we could not make it the perfect one, but as it is said that “experience” is the best teacher, likewise, organizing it gave us a lots of experience and of course we came to know about where and what was lacking in our management.

So that gives us the chance to make the next Red Carpet event better and hoping to make it a perfect one. Talking to the celebrities’ one thing we know we have achieved is that, the platform which we wanted to provide them has been provided successfully.

Each one of them is really happy and glad to have walked the red carpet. Especially, the senior artists of our industry have been the most glad and happy for the fact that they have been honoured with the red carpet for they have never been given the honour of walking on the red carpet in their life long career in the industry.

Moreover, it is not just the experience of walking on it that mattered to them. The fact that they were all brought together and gotten the chance to socialize with each other, which they often do not get because of their busy schedules, is what most of them appreciated about the event. For us our main achievement is the fact that all of our guests left with a smile on their face and a moment to be cherished forever by them.


Nimmi Rajkumari  narrated –

Organizing any event and making it a success is not an easy task. Moreover, organizing an event like Red Carpet is a herculean task. What everyone else saw on the day of the event was a perfect evening without any or just a few minor glitches but what goes on behind the scene and all the sweat and blood that went into the making of this event a success, is a story to be told.

WOL Media follows proper work ethics and believes in team work and above all a good leadership which is the backbone of our agency. To be honest we have very limited man power and when we started with project Red Carpet, it was a huge challenge.

Assigning roles and works to each of our staff members became a problem as more work began to pile up as high as Mt. Everest. At one point it became chaotic and we even considered the idea of cancelling the whole show but we stuck with each other, supporting, encouraging and taking on as many work as each person could.

Things slowly started to fall in place. We worked in an organized and detailed manner. Even the volunteers which we had recruited just for the event was given a rigorous three days training. And we are proud to say that each member performed the task with ease and overcame any obstacles that they were faced with.


WOL-Mediaor”Web ofLifeMediahasbeen inexistencefora littlemorethanoneyear. It isthe firstventureof ManKindEnterprises (MK Enterprises).

Earlier WOL has inventedmediavehicle,’mobilebillboards”. WOL has also workonBillboardHoardings and is aiming many new ventures.


Anideaisnotours,tillwetestitandmakeitwork believes the organisation.

WOL Media’s mission note is’constantimprovisationof messagedeliverymechanism,contentsandtools”.


It has done a magnificent job in introducing Red Carpet event in Manipur which is believed to have given a boosting status to the film industry in Manipur.





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