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People Spotted – 2013-December


Nianghoi Ching of Churachandpur is a proud sugarcane juice seller with her juice extracting machine on wheel for the last four years. She is seen around the market place of Churachanpur doing her business which enable her in making a profit of Rs 200 to Rs 300 per day. She is calm and confident in her works.

Contributed: James Khangenbam



An innovative middle aged man is seen with his Barbecue on the wheel at Churachandpur market. Menu he serve around the Lamka market area are, Chicken wing – Rs 20, Beef Tika – Rs 10, Pork Tika – Rs 10.

Contributed: James Khangenbam


Why should I wait for my husband to comeback while customer is waiting besides I and my children also survive from the same earning so I am equally responsible for my family as my husband, so why to care what the world says after all it’s about livelihood of my family…

Somewhere in Phumlou, N.Ebemcha mother of two son happily living with her husband supporting every steps in the hope of bright future… 

Contributed by: James Soibam


Malswami Sitkil is running a store in I.B. Road Churachandpur. She is selling gift items, indoor and outdoor decoration items, toys, Santa Claus stickers and dolls, ahead of Christmas. Churachandpur town has many churches belonging to different denomination and the town is getting ready for the Christmas Celebration. Like Malswami one can witness their store packed with Christmas itemslike the Christmas tree, or a glittering colourful garland.

Contributed by: James Khangenbam

Dedicated to the hard working Ima/Ibens of Manipur. Who says our women are afraid of dark instead, we are used to it. Roadside vegetable vendors found at Khwairamband Keithel

Contributed By: James Soibam

“I am illiterate and I work in a river collecting stones and sands, while my baby plays around and I don’t know what he plays with. But it is my responsibility to have immunization for my children in time as it will surely help him live healthy even if I am not capable of giving him the nutritious diet” said this woman (name not disclosed due to privacy) who is mother of two children and wife to a drunken husband. She earns Rs. 200 to 500 after a hard work of 6 hrs and it is the only source of income in her family.

This picture was taken somewhere at Kanto (along the Imphal Leimakhong road, located in between Sekmai and Khurkhul) during a vaccination program of National Rural Health Mission called ‘Village and Health Nutrition Camp’ which is organized every month in different places under Primary Health Center, Khurkhul. 


Contributed By: James Soibam


S. Kiranbala Devi, Proprietor of Kombirei jewellers, Tera Loukrakpam Leikai sells her own made jewellery items such as Khongji, Khuji (Wristlet), Pambom Fabi and many others at the ongoing MSME Expo cum food fair held at Hapta Kangjeibung  organised by National Small Industries Corporation in collaboration with All Manipur entrepreneur Association(AMEA).

Contributed By: Amukhomba Ngangbam

Doing what she is capable and love to do as a profession and for the living in the service of people of Thoubal, Sapam Ningol Nandeibam Ongbi Sanajaobi Devi has been providing repairing works for electric generator, motors etc at Thoubal Melaground, Yairipok Lamkhai, Opp. Chaoyaima Hr. Sec. School Gate.

Contributed by: Okram Brindabon Singh  

“Father caught lots of fishes today..”

Early morning the fisherman of Karang would come back home from Loktak lake after collecting the nets they had laid the previous day.

They would leave for the lake while it is still dark much before the birds would start chirping.

(In pic: Little kids follow their father who just came home from the lake).

Contributed by: Birosh Junior @ Manipur Photography Club   

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