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Press Release: Blooming Manipur


We at the Blooming Manipur would like to share our sincere appreciation to the many who are following our activities in general and extending their precious moral support in particular. We believe that social transformation of our landscapes into beautiful places of pride and to imbibe the vital sense of belongingness can be one the important basis of developing Manipur. The formation of Blooming Moirang and the role it had played in involving the local community and planting beautiful flowers and trees at the historic Thoibi Awun Keithel is a progressive step that can generate an encouraging trend across the state. We are glad to hear that progressive sections of Thoubal, Kakching and Kangpokpi had expressed an interest to initiate similar activism and transform their respective Keithels into beautiful markets.

It was a privilege and a big encouragement that we had the opportunity to work with Kangla Facebook Group , Imphal Municipality Council, European Manipuri Association, Manipur Times, Manipur Photography Club, Blooming Moirang, Manipur Cycle Club and all those individuals who had supported in the initiative to transform the precious Ima Keithel into a beautiful living heritage.

Today Blooming Manipur activists are proud to have played a role for our ‘Ima Keithel’ to bloom with many beautiful flowers and our indigenous Urung Trees. We are grateful to the role played by the Chairperson of Imphal Municipality Council and the individual role of Ima Hajarimayum Radharani who took care of the blooming flowers next to her potpham. We are hopeful that the recent minimum achievement in making Ima Keithel a poster free area would have had some impact on creating an awareness and lead to many more initiatives in making the Keithel, a litter / garbage free area in the days to come.

We wish to share our request to the Imphal Municipality and responsible authorities, the kind public and hardworking womenfolk of the Keithel to bring about the much needed transformation that this historic market richly deserved and help set an amazing trend across our land.

A Blooming Manipur that would be the pride for generations to come by.

Elangbam Bishwajeet


Blooming Manipur



Dated: 15th June 2013

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