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Roshnikumar Yambem – the architect behind ‘Globizs’


Globizs is considered as the most trusted IT company in the state empanelled by the Government of Manipur with a track record of 10 Years of business success. The company was founded in the year 2004 as a one-man company from the bed room of one Roshnikumar Yambem, a Computer Engineer by serving 2-3 clients per year with a strong vision to boost IT industry in Manipur and North-East Region of India.
Beginning of the Journey
With only Rs 600, the IT graduate dared to initiate the IT company in 2004 from his home after completion of his computer engineering. Once he advertised his company in a local paper Poknapham inviting customers for web designing. A client namely Laishram Export Limited approached him to develop a website for the company. As he had no initial knowledge about how much to charge for website designing, he charged only Rs 5000 for website designing of the company which almost took him 5/6 months in developing the website. In 2006, he opened up his office at Konung Mamang with one staff Lamnganba Khundongbam as Marketing Manager. He faced deficit the initial year as he could not pay rent fee of the office building. Now the company is a well equipped and ISO 9001:2008 certified one with well experienced 25 staffs operated under a board of Directors comprising Roshnikumar Yambem, Managing Director, Jugesh Mangi Wahengbam, Director (Project) who worked as system analyst at DELL, USA, Lamnganba Khundongbam Director (Marketting).
Today, with a client base of 200+ and a team of varied professionals ranging from Web/UI designer, SEO/Internet Marketing Professionals, Software Developer, Project Manager/System Analyst with its own varied product line, the company can boast of a truly dynamic company.
Globizs is the acronym of Global Online Business Solution. The company is now upgraded to a Private Limited company with board of directors. The services provided by the company ranges from Website Design, WordPress Development, PHP Application Software Development, Android Application and Mobile Game Development, SEO/Internet Marketing, IT Consulting services.
Life sketch of Roshnikumar
Founder of the company, Roshnikumar Yambem is a BE (Computer science) from Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai (Tamil Nadu). He passed matriculation from Bal Vidya Mandir, Palace compound and Class XII from Manipur Public School, Koirengei.
Since his school days, he had a great passion for Computer, in particular web designing. Without any technical knowledge from any formal institute, he had developed a website after reading a Magazine borrowed from a friend in 1999. He had neither personal computer nor internet connection at home. Compelled by his passion, he went to private cyber cafes and spent more than Rs 200 per day sitting in cyber café. Lately, he joined one week course in Computer and internet in ICM, Lamphelpat.
Born to late Yambem Ibochoubi Singh and late Yambem ongbi Mangolngambi of Nongmeibung Pung Makhong, Roshnikumar is the eldest son among four siblings (three sons and one daughter). With a dream to work in big IT Industries and MNCs, he went to study computer engineering. But Man purposes, God disposes. When he was in the 2nd year BE (computer science) his father suffered from Cancer. By 4th Year his mother also diagnosed with cancer. The illness of his parents gave a serious blow to the family and his studies that the family faced acute financial shortage to meet the medical expenses of his ailing parents. Soon after his completion of Engineering course in 2004, his mother expired on 2005 and his father on 2007. Compelled by poverty and necessity to look after the family being the eldest son, Roshnikumar came back to Manipur after completing his BE (Computer Science).
Taking down Manipur Times to the lane of his hardship days, Roshnikumar recalled, “It was the most tragic moment of life during which I started my entrepreneurial venture amidst out family was economically, morally and physically exhausted. Despite such difficulties stared me in the face, I never gave up my hope. Compelled by family condition, I left my studies after passing out as BE (computer science) and started thinking to set up an IT company in the state instead of working as an employee under outside IT or Multi National companies. Initially, I started my company with a personal desktop computer at home. I could not even afford to buy a Laptop of my own. Luckily, I bought a Laptop from Sarajeevan enterprises on loan basis under the cheque guarantee of his high school teacher named Dr. B. Arunkumar Sharma, working at RIMS. I had to repay the loan by paying a monthly installment of Rs 3000.
IT movement in Manipur probably began in the state since 1990s. A few thousands of IT students from Manipur has passed out till 2004 but there was hardly any proper IT company in the state. Keeping this in view, I thought of setting up an IT company in the state to provide jobs to many IT passed out students and promote IT movement as well, he said.
Globizs is empanelled by Government of Manipur
Globizs is a pioneer IT company in the state empanelled by Govt. of Manipur where its services were trusted and used by various Manipur Government Departments including Education Department, Agriculture Dept, YAS Dept, National Rural Health Mission, Office of Accountant General, Manipur State Power Development Corporation, Loktak Downstream Hydroelectric Corporation Limited, etc. Apart from this, top private sector brand like Shija Hospitals, Poknapham, UNACCO, Thangjam Agro Industries, Manipur Rural Bank, Sanaleibak, HRD Academy, Chanura Microfin, YVU and many more have trusted the reliability service of Globizs.
As of today, IT sector in the state is not much developed in the state as other industrial sectors are backward. Nonetheless, the state is not lagging behind development in IT sectors if compared to other North east states. Manipur tops in IT sector in North East Region. Development of IT sector depends on development of other industrial sectors. There is high prospect if IT sector in future.
The company can stand alone on its own feet now. The area of our business growth doesn’t confine only in the state. We are planning to increase business growth by selling our product to outside clients as well as increasing the present staff strength of 25 to a few hundred in the years to come. Providing jobs to many jobless youths of the state is one of the motto behind the company, he said.
Services being offered by Globizs
Web Design & Developement: The Company offers professional web design and development services around the Globe to enhance web presence at affordable Prices. These solutions range from web design, web programming, mobile web design, dynamic websites, e-commerce websites.
Web Hosting: It provides Web Hosting services from Manipur offers Affordable website hosting solutions and domain registration for NGO’s, Small Businesses, Personals etc. The company specializes in linux web hosting service. Our cutting edge technology in web hosting, Makes us pioneers in providing uninterrupted service to all our customers.
Software Development: The company provides Custom Software Development & web based application, Internet Marketing & SEO Services, Android App, to a wide range of private sector and business areas with effective software development solutions that solve complex business application development & document management problems.
Android & Mobile Game Development: The company develops Mobile Game and Applications for iOS, Android effortlessly unleash your game on the world’s hottest platforms. It is committed to developing visually enticing and technically superior games as well as mobile applications.
IT Seminar & Training: It conducts the following trainings: Website Design & Development with CMS, Web base Software Development with XHTML / PHP / MySQL / Ajax / Jquery, MySQL Database Design & Development, Online Business & Internet Marketing, Android Application Development, Mobile Game Development (Android / iOS / HTML5).
More about Globizs could be found at Official website of Globizs

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