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Volunteers for a cleaner IMA Keithel, a good cause at the right time


When the volume of waste become large the municipality action become heavy and situation arises where volunteers take up to cleaning the IMA Keithel which is one of the most important historical place of Manipur says Surjit Haobijam a member of the groups who clean the IMA Keithel and surrounding places today.

It is an ongoing volunteer work from Blooming Manipur and Kangla Facebook group where Manipurtimes is an official media partner.  There was a lot of cleaning work that started since 6 am in the morning and continued till noon. Imphal Municipality Council waste pick vehicle and staffs also took a main role in today’s initiative.

A passerby hinted that the work in progress was a very good initiative and it helps to do away stinky smell from decomposed organic waste.

Students from KGBV Moirang, members of Kanglei Economic Development Organization (KEDO) an NGO run by youths who employ themselves doing labor in IMA Keithel took a big role in cleaning the market place and the surrounding area.

KEDO chip in when volunteers of Kangla Facebook Group and Blooming Manipur volunteers took up tools and started picking up heavy waste from the drainage and footpaths surrounding the IMA Keithel.

Around 50 volunteers of KEDO gave an energetic boost to the campaign and in an hour picked up waste and loaded the already picked up wastes from the surrounding area in the municipality vehicle.

The girl students from KGBV Moirang who were around 40 in number roamed the interior market and picked up all the solid waste from the large market. White polythene bags in their hand and the voluntary work came into a full swing. There was a coordinated effort and the Market place look pretty attended.

Sunday was not a congested day the morning was lovely. There were few customers who came in regular interval.

A voluntary blood donation was also organized in connection with the campaign at IMA Keithel 30 volunteers who came to clean the market and passerby donated a unit of blood each. The blood donation was organized at the first floor of IMA Market. A motivational talk on voluntary blood donation was also organized ahead of the blood donation. Association of Voluntary blood donation, MACS and State blood transfusion unit played a big role in the voluntary blood donation camp.

The beautification work of Blooming Manipur and Kangla Facebook group in planting flowers around the market and regular cleaning of the surrounding is a very encouraging one. The association with Imphal Municipality who has taken up a considerable role in making the Keithel a hygienic and clean one is a progressive voluntarism.

People who are not associated with the facebook group also came and participated for the cause. The Sunday today became more meaningful.




The initiative gives a positive vibe to the public says Surjit. The volunteers are planning to work with city police personnel and women vendors as a part of their initiative for a collective participation in keeping the market hygienic and boosting a cleaner look.

As and when outsider visits the place if we are able to keep it clean the cleanliness instinct among Manipuri will be reflected says a member who participated in today’s campaign.

Elangbam Bhorot who is the president of KEDO reflected that they have been associated with IMA Keithel for the last few years by doing labour work and earning by ferrying luggage and doing other manual work in the Keithel. Keeping the surrounding clean is our main task he continued.

When Manipur Times put a question on sanitation, Bhorot maintained that when pulic become responsive and stop littering around there will be cleanliness. If the public started understanding the cause and started putting the waste at the right place and the municipality picks them up in the right time regularly there will be a solution.

Sukham Leishamba Mangang a group member of the campaign feel very good in participating and he reasoned it as a very historical place should be in a very clean look for others to see.

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