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Day 2 – The Sunshine Children Festival – Developing Young Minds


Location : Ningthoukhong Model school, Bishnupur 

June 13, 2013 – Day 2

Today’s programs include

1. Horse riding session and learning about the role of horses and Sagol-kangjei.

2. Thang-Ta is being taught to children as part of an educational festival

3. Interaction with firemen and learning fire fighting skills

4. Interactions with police officer (Radheshyam, SP of Bishnupur) and child trafficking awareness 

This festival caters to some of the most disadvantaged children of our society. Out of the ~500 students participated, 200 of the children doesn’t have formal education as they have to look after their families, engage in jobs like fishing, helpers at home, jobs in hotels etc 
Another 80 of the children doesn’t have mother or father or both.


About the Festival:

The Sunshine children festival is a festival where many children in the age group 7-13 years and are from the most economically disadvantaged section of our society. Focus are on children who are presently out of school or a formal education program and efforts are been made so that this wonderful children would have the chance to experience a learning atmosphere which is enjoyable and enriching and hopefully give them the impetus to be part of schools that impart formal education .
Let’s hope the Sun shines on these beautiful children who would one day be part of a platform that decides and moved our society

The sunshine children festival is an initiative of some very hardworking individuals who wish to inculcate developed an education system where the learning experience is one that develop young minds into proud responsible citizens.

Find more information like the Fageboog page of the the festival  https://www.facebook.com/Sunshinechildrenfestival

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